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How to Find (& Beat) Thunder Serpent Narwa in Monster Hunter Rise

Monster Hunter Rise Thunder Serpent Nawa

The last monster for players to defeat currently in Monster Hunter Rise is the Thunder Serpent Nawa. How should players prepare and fight this beast?

The Thunder Serpent Narwa, also known as the Serpent Goddess of Thunder, is the final monster players can battle against within Monster Hunter Rise. As this is the case, she can be incredibly difficult to fight and may take more than a few tries. Though she is currently the final boss, there could be more in the future with possibly new content.

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The first part of making sure the player will have a successful fight against Narwa is preparation. Players can prepare for any fights by collecting proper gear, food, potions, and by visiting the Canteen for some dangers. Once that is complete, the next big step is simply finding Narwa.

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How to Prepare & Find the Thunder Serpent Narwa in Monster Hunter Rise

Narwa is an Elder Dragon and her threat level is a 10/10 so preparation for the fight is incredibly important. For fighting off this beast players should start by collecting food. The main types of food that players should collect are meals that buff the player’s strength and armor to give them maximum damage output and protection. On top of this players should keep a large collection of health potions on them as well. Then players should head to the Canteen and snack on some dongos. For the most part, players should grab the ones that they would use in any standard fight. However, players can also add ones that will give them some Thunder damage resistance, which will be of great use against the Thunder Serpent Narwa.

After beginning the quest to defeat the Thunder Serpent Narwa, in Coral Palace, players should make sure to collect everything that they want from the supply boxes at the start along with some Spirit Dust. Use the Spirit Dust once the player is fully packed and ready to go to teleport to the unique arena. Here is where Narwa is waiting.

How to Defeat the Thunder Serpent Narwa in Monster Hunter Rise

Once inside the arena, players should take note of where everything is around them. There should be a couple of wirebugs, along with a healing station. These will be useful later down the line and throughout the fight. Another thing to take note of is all of the special tools and weapons as they will be the main way the player can damage and take down Narwa.

Within the first stage, the main attacks players have to look out for are the sweep, bite, rings from the hands and mouth, and the lasers that come out of the serpent’s pouch. Dodging the rings and lasers is fairly easy, simply slip between the lines. Otherwise, players will be thrown backward and knocked into a more dangerous position. The nice thing about the way that this Elder Dragon is positioned, is that its head is almost always close to the ground. This enables players to get good attacks off on its head fairly early on. Just watch out for its bite.

Players will know they have gotten past the first stage of the fight when Narwa falls flat on her back, exposing her pouch. This is the perfect time to target her stomach before the start of the second stage. In the second stage, Narwa will somersault slapping her tail on the ground type of attack. This will raise platforms that the player can use to reach her with the wirebug and attack her stomach more. Another new attack during this stage brings platforms out of the ground right beforehand with a spin in the air that will electrify the ground. Make sure to get on the platforms before the spin. This will also give the player another chance to focus on damaging the beast’s pouch.

Once the third stage has begun, players should focus on using the larger weapons like the ballista and machine carrion to deal a good portion of damage. This is the best choice as players won’t have much of a chance to get close to Narwa anymore. Another good weapon choice here is the Splitting Wyvern Shot which will appear once players have reached the third stage of the battle. From here on out continue to focus on damaging the sensitive spots with the larger weapons from a distance. The new attacks that show up in this stage are large AOE rings around Narwa herself and a large laser beam she shoots across the ground of the arena from her mouth. If the player is a bowgun or gun user, that will play heavily to their advantage.

In the fourth and final stage, players will unlock the Dragonator, and cannons will begin spawning in the arena. Again, stick to the same fighting style as the previous stage and get off the ground as much as possible. Narwa will now also create lightning rings that expand out from her body across nearly the whole arena and push out lightning bolts as well. To use the Dragonator, players will need to lure Narwa over very close in front of them before pulling the lever there to deal a bit over 1,000 damage.

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Monster Hunter Rise is available on Nintendo Switch and PC.

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