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How to Find Legendary Lugia in Pokémon Snap

Pokemon Snap Lugia swim

Of the 200 Pokémon in New Pokémon Snap, 10 are Legendary and Mythical. One of these 10 is Lugia, and players will find one in a cave on the Seafloor.

Of the over 200 Pokémon across various generations included in New Pokémon Snap, 10 are Legendary and Mythical Pokémon that tend to be the most well-hidden in the game. Locating these creatures sometimes takes trial and error, and players should make a point to experiment with tossing Fluffruit and Illumina Orbs from the research camera at various Pokémon, just to see what might happen. Lugia is one of the Legendary Pokémon in New Pokémon Snap. Though Lugia is technically a Psychic- and Flying-type Pokemon, it can be typically found in water.

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To find Lugia in New Pokémon Snap, players will need to beat the main campaign at least once. Then, they can head to the Lental Seafloor, found at the Maricopia Reef area. They will need to use multiple Illumina Orbs to get a specific Pokémon to reveal a hidden path to an underwater cave. Unless players know what to look for and how to uncover the path, this Legendary Pokémon can be easily missed. Here’s how to find and photograph Legendary Lugia in New Pokémon Snap.

How to Unlock the Path to Legendary Lugia’s Cave in New Pokémon Snap

Lugia asleep in the cave on the Lental Seafloor in New Pokémon Snap

To find Legendary Lugia in New Pokémon Snap, players are first going to need to reach the end credits at least once. Following this, they should head to Maricopia Reef. They will need to reach Research Level 2 of the Maricopia Reef to unlock the Lental Seafloor. If players haven’t already, they will also need to unlock Illumina Orbs. To do this, they must find the pink Crystablooms in the seaweed field after the opening area. Taking a photo of the Crystablooms will unlock Illumina Orbs that can be used throughout the course.

Next, players will need to enter the Undersea portion of the Lental Seafloor and look for a Clawitzer near the start of the level. Throwing an Illumina Orb at this Clawitzer causes it to open an alternate path, which players will want to take. They will begin descending in an open area near free-swimming Wailmer, Sharpedo, and Mantine. They will need to look around until they see a Lanturn. Once they find a Lanturn, they will need to hit it with an Illumina Orb, which will cause it to dive down into the abyss while being chased by Sharpedo. The Lanturn and Sharpedo will pass by two Frillish on a rocky ledge as they descend.

Players will need to wait for the Wailord and several Wailmer to swim up. After this point, they will see the two Frillish attacking the Lanturn. They will need to hit the Lanturn with another Illumina Orb to free it from the Frillish. Once freed, the Lanturn will swim down toward the bottom of the open area and unlock a hidden path in the rocks. Players should Scan the path and follow the Lanturn into a hidden cave.

Pokemon Crown Tundra DLC Lugia

Inside the cave, to the right, players can find a Legendary Lugia. It will usually be sleeping, and tossing Fluffruit and Illumina Orbs does not seem to work to wake it. Instead, players will need to illuminate the dim Crystablooms in front of and behind the rock on which Lugia is sleeping. Throwing Illumina Orbs at the Crystablooms should cause them to light up, which will wake Lugia.

Once Lugia is awake, players will want to toss Fluffruit to it to get a stunning picture. Lugia will swim away, but return moments later and swim in circles around the more open ruins area of the cave. Hitting Lugia with Fluffruit will cause it to do a spin, resulting in another unique action shot for the player’s album. To get a four-star shot of Legendary Lugia in New Pokémon Snap, players will need to continue throwing Fluffruit until it lets out a mighty roar and make sure to snap as many photos as possible of the moment.

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New Pokémon Snap is available for Nintendo Switch.

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