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How to Find (& Use) Different Colored Dyes

Genshin Impact House

In the new 1.5 Update for Genshin Impact, players can build furniture for their homes and will need dyes for the various blueprints found here.

The new Housing System that got released with the 1.5 Update for Genshin Impact came out with the ability to get dyes. When it comes to the different dyes, there’s the Blue, Red, and Yellow dyes up for grabs, each with their own set of requirements to get created. The process of building them will take a few twists and turns, but ultimately the rewards are satisfying for any player building their own homes.

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In the Genshin Impact 1.5 Update, the Housing System relies on a Trust Rank with the NPC called Tubby. Getting to Tubby is a long one where it starts with the Archon Quests that then lead to the quest called A New Start Approaches. After completing it, players at Adventure Rank 35 or higher will have access to the quest called A Teapot To Call Home: Part 1 that Madam Ping gives at Liyue Harbor. Once the quest gets finished, players will have access to the Serenitea Pot that will bring them to a new location where Tubby waits. Complete Tubby’s quests to get the Trust Ranks higher and get unique rewards.

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How to Find (& Use) Different Colored Dyes In Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact House Furniture

With Tubby unlocked, getting the dyes is as simple as speaking to him. Tubby will have multiple menu options to pick from, and the one with the dyes is in the Create Furnishing option. After clicking the Create Furnishing selection, there will be a hammer symbol and a vial symbol on the top of the screen. Picking the vial symbol will bring players to the screen where fabric gets created along with the Red, Blue, and Yellow dyes.

To collect the various dyes, players will need different materials. For the Ref Dye, either a Sunsettia, Carrot, or Valberry will do nicely. As for the Yellow Dye, one Berry or one Cor Lapis will work. Finally, the Blue Dye needs a Mint or Wolfhook to build. For the various materials to make each of the dyes, great locations to farm each of them will be in Starfall Valley, Springvale, Dawn Winery, Mt. Hualo, and Northern Mondstadt.

After collecting the materials, and crafting the vials for the different colored dyes, pick the hammer symbol in the Create Furnishing option and select the blueprint desired to create new furnishings for the home. The more furnishings get built, the Trust Rank will rise, giving more blueprint options and rewards. A quick tip is that getting and completing the various blueprints will also need wood, located in the same areas as the dye materials and Fabric from Silk Flowers near Yujing Terrace.

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Genshin Impact is available now on Android, iOS, PC, and PlayStation 4.

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