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How to get a “Save the West Side Market” t-shirt

Save the West Side Market:

CLEVELAND — When Katie Nickels moved to Cleveland five years ago, she knew very little about her new home. 

“I never heard of Cleveland as a place to go or live,” said Nickels. “I was surprised and figured other people were lacking this information too so I decided to start sharing it.” 

She shared the love of her new city via Instagram, starting the page @ClevelandVibes – a way to showcase the city and the culture that comes with it. She has quickly racked up over 43,000 followers and has started to branch off into Cleveland-inspired clothing.

One of her favorite places to showcase in Cleveland is the West Side Market. 

“It’s the place that we take everybody when they come into town. It’s so important for the city. Pretty much the heart of the city,” said Nickels. 

But the frustrations with one of Cleveland’s most iconic destinations still persist. 

Last month, a Saturday power outage cost vendors thousands of dollars in business. A story that has become all too familiar for businesses that make up the market. 

Seeing this, Katie and her team at Cleveland Vibes wanted to do their part and help raise money for the beloved market. 

“This really started on social media,” she said. 

Their solution? Selling t-shirts with the words ‘Save the West Side Market’ on them. They went on sale earlier this week, with all of the profits going towards the market. 

“They need the help right now and we are doing what we can,” said Nickels. 

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While it will take much more to turn around the state of the market, Katie and her team hopes it will spark the city to make needed change and preserve an iconic part of Cleveland’s past for future generations. 

If you want to buy a ‘Save the West Side Market Shirt’ you can do so HERE.

EDITOR’S NOTE: The video in the player below is from a previous story about the West Side Market.

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