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How to Get the Blood Dragon Armor


The Blood Dragon Armor DLC, based on the Dragon Age series, in Mass Effect Legendary Edition, offers massive power bonuses. Here’s where to find it.

Developer BioWare is well-known for their choice-based RPG franchises Mass Effect and Dragon Age, and Mass Effect Legendary Edition players can find and don powerful armor inspired by the Dragon Age series in the last two games of the trilogy. Mass Effect Legendary Edition remasters the beloved sci-fi series for modern consoles and includes all three games in the trilogy, plus almost all DLC games, armor, and weapons. The Blood Dragon Armor is a set inspired by BioWare’s epic fantasy franchise, Dragon Age. It was a promotional item players could originally download upon purchasing Dragon Age: Origins or obtaining the free Dragon Age DLC Bundle. In these promotions, it was added to Shepard’s gear immediately from launching Mass Effect 2, or was purchasable at the start of Mass Effect 3.

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In Mass Effect Legendary Edition, the Blood Dragon Armor set also appears from the start of Mass Effect 2 and Mass Effect 3 and can be purchased from several vendors across the galaxy. The set is not customizable and must be worn as a single piece. This is fitting, as it looks like a medieval suit of armor with the Dragon Age blood-spatter dragon design emblazoned on the chest plate. The Blood Dragon set tends to be a favorite choice for classes that rely primarily on tech and biotic abilities, as it comes with a massive boost to damage done when using powers. Here’s how to find and purchase the Blood Dragon Armor set in Mass Effect Legendary Edition.

Where to Find the Blood Dragon Armor Set in Mass Effect Legendary Edition

Shepard dons the Blood Dragon armor set in Mass Effect 2

To use the Blood Dragon Armor set in Mass Effect Legendary Edition, Shepard will need to go shopping at some of the vendors. The set is only available in Mass Effect 2 and Mass Effect 3 and can’t be found in the first game. In Mass Effect 2, Shepard can purchase the Blood Dragon Armor set from Harrot’s Emporium on Omega. As Omega tends to be one of the first hubs Shepard will visit to recruit Zaeed, Mordin, and Garrus, they should have access to the set from almost the start of the game.

Unfortunately, Shepard cannot keep the set between games and must repurchase it in Mass Effect 3. It can be found where it was in the original game, at Kanala Exports in the Presidium Commons. It costs 50,000 credits, though the price can go down if Shepard has obtained a discount from the shop. Once Shepard visits Kanala Exports once, they can also purchase the set from the Procurement terminal in the Normandy’s Shuttle Bay, for 55,000 credits.

Shepard wears the Equalizer Armor in Mass Effect 2

To equip the Blood Dragon Armor in either game in Mass Effect Legendary Edition, Shepard will need to go to the Captain’s Cabin and find their gear locker. Here, they can scroll through the various options they have found or purchased to find the set. They will not be able to change its color or select only pieces from the set. In Mass Effect 2, Shepard may still need to expend resources to research the armor as an upgrade. If players cannot find the set in the Captain’s Cabin, they should be sure to check the Tech Lab’s Upgrade Terminal too.

Nearly every class can benefit from using the Blood Dragon Armor set in Mass Effect Legendary Edition due to its power bonuses. In Mass Effect 2, it provides 200 starting Health, 275 starting Shields, and adds a 15% Power Damage Bonus and a 10% Shield Strength bonus. Class builds that focus on extensive power use, like Adepts, Engineers, and Sentinels, will greatly benefit from this boost. In Mass Effect 3, the Blood Dragon Armor set increases Power Recharge Speed by 10%, Power Damage by 30%, and Shields by 20%. All classes, except the Soldier class, can make use of this armor.

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Mass Effect Legendary Edition is available for PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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