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How to Get the Kestrel Armor

Mass Effect 2 Kestrel Armor

The Kestrel Armor set is a popular, customizable armor option in Mass Effect 2. Players can find it for purchase mid-game from a vendor on Illium.

The Kestrel Armor set is one of the most popular armor options in Mass Effect 2, but Shepard will need to work a little harder to obtain it in Mass Effect Legendary Edition. Mass Effect Legendary Edition includes all three games in the Mass Effect trilogy, plus over 40 pieces of DLC content, including all armor and gear packs. In the original series, the Kestrel armor was only available with the Aegis Pack. It was accessible to players from the moment they returned to the Normandy after the Mass Effect 2 Prologue. In Mass Effect Legendary Edition, players will need to wait until the middle of the game to purchase the armor from a vendor at one of the game’s major hubs instead.

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The Kestrel Armor set in Mass Effect 2 is customizable, and players can mix and match the five pieces in the set with other armors to create the best combination of stats for their Shepard’s unique build and playstyle. The full set together provides a 30% increase in Melee damage, a 5% increase to Headshot damage, an 11% increase to Weapon damage, a 25% boost to Shield Strength, and a 5% increase in spare Heavy Weapon Ammo Capacity. This makes it a good choice for Soldiers, Vanguards, Sentinels, and even some Infiltrators, though all builds may find at least a piece of it useful. Here’s how to get the Kestrel Armor set in Mass Effect Legendary Edition.

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Where To Find The Kestrel Armor Set In Mass Effect Legendary Edition

The back and front of the Kestrel Armor set in Mass Effect 2

Shepard will not be able to suit up with the Kestrel Armor set pieces in Mass Effect Legendary Edition until after the Horizon mission in Mass Effect 2. To avoid front-loading the weapon and armor DLC content in Mass Effect Legendary Edition, developers spaced out the locations of weapon and armor DLC packs. Rather than receiving an email from The Illusive Man announcing the arrival of the Kestrel Armor to Shepard’s locker in their cabin, players will now find all five pieces available for purchase from Serrice Technology on Illium.

Shepard will find the Serrice Technology vendor booth on the trading floor when they first enter Illium. The five pieces Shepard will need to buy include:

  • Kestrel Helmet: Headshot damage +5%, Weapons damage +3%, Shield Strength +3%.
  • Kestrel Torso Sheath: Melee damage +10%, Weapons damage +5%, Shield Strength +3%.
  • Kestrel Shoulder Pieces: Melee damage +10%, Shield Strength +8%.
  • Kestrel Arm Sheathing: Melee damage +10%, Weapons damage +3%, Shield Strength +3%.
  • Kestrel Power Pack: Shield Strength +8%, Heavy Weapon Ammo Capacity +5%.

If the price for in-game purchase of the pieces is something of a turnoff, Shepard can use the Charm/Intimidate dialogue options to convince the asari shopkeeper, Hermia, to give them a discount.

Shepard wears the Equalizer Armor in Mass Effect 2

To equip pieces from the Kestrel Armor set in Mass Effect 2, Shepard will need to visit their cabin and open the gear locker to the right of the fish tank. Players can choose which pieces to equip and which to swap for other modular armor pieces to create the perfect combinations. As Shepard researches Armor upgrades in Mass Effect 2, the stats for the Kestrel Armor should continue to improve.

The Kestrel Armor set does not appear in Mass Effect Legendary Edition‘s Mass Effect 3, as the Aegis Pack was exclusive to the second game. A comparable set is the Rosenkov Materials armor, though it has different stats than those in the Kestrel Armor Set. The Rosenkov Materials pieces primarily decrease the time it takes powers to recharge rather than aiding with weapon and melee combat. However, the Helmet for the Rosenkov Materials set is called the Kestrel Helmet.

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Mass Effect Legendary Edition is available for PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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