How to play Fortnite on iPhone free using Xbox?

play Fortnite on iPhone free

Playing Fortnite on a mobile device has grown increasingly difficult, if not impossible, since Epic Games began suing Apple and Google over app store fees. Only if you got into a closed beta of Nvidia’s GeForce Now could you try it on your iPhone. But now, Epic Games has opted to team up with the very firm it scorned — Microsoft — and will make Fortnite available for free on pretty much anything with a screen through the Xbox Cloud Gaming service.

This is Microsoft’s first game to be added to Xbox Cloud Gaming. To play, you’ll need a Microsoft account as well as an internet connection on your iOS, iPad, Android, or Windows device. It runs on your web browser (click here to start playing right now), has touch controls and gamepad support, and you can even play it on Valve’s Steam Deck portable.

Microsoft says it will examine feedback for the time being, but it expects to bring more free-to-play games to the cloud in the future. Epic gets their game in front of those who couldn’t play it because they couldn’t install it or wanted to play it when they weren’t near their primary gaming machine.

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Not only is the web version available on iOS, but also on Android. If there was an Android app, I’d say: Microsoft. On the other hand, can draw more users into the Xbox ecosystem, educate them about cloud gaming, and perhaps sell a few Game Pass memberships as a bonus.

How do you play Fortnite for free in ios?

Looking for a way to play Fortnite for free on your iPhone? Microsoft has made significant progress in making games more accessible and enjoyable for all. According to Xbox employees, “As part of our purpose, we aim to offer the fun and camaraderie of gaming to gamers wherever they are and make gaming more accessible to individuals around the world.”

With Xbox Cloud Gaming, you can play Fortnite for free on any browser-enabled device. To accomplish this, we’ve partnered with Epic Games (Beta).

It’s also a straightforward procedure. All you need to play Fortnite for free on iOS is:

a Microsoft account

An internet-capable iOS or iPadOS device.

This concludes the discussion. To play Fortnite on iOS, you don’t need to put up with a long installation or pay for a membership. To party up with friends or earn your next Victory Royale in Fortnite, simply visit on your phone’s web browser and sign in with your Microsoft Account.

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The Xbox Cloud Gaming service is still in testing, and it is currently only available in 26 countries. To play Fortnite without lags or compression in the graphics, you’ll also need a fast internet connection. Everything is streamed to your smartphone, so this is the case.

Regardless, it’s nice to see Fortnite return to iOS and continue to be a free-to-play cloud game. This could open up more opportunities in the future, making gaming more accessible to people all across the world.

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That concludes our discussion of how to play Fortnite for free on the iPhone. By the way, Epic does not appear to be stealing a cloud version of Fortnite from Nvidia in order to give it to Microsoft. Nvidia GeForce Now CEO Phil Eisler issued the following statement: “We believe that all games should be able to be played on any device, and we think today’s announcement is fantastic for all gamers!”

We’re working with Epic to make Fortnite playable with touch controllers, streamable on GeForce NOW, and usable on GeForce Now. Keep an eye out for future developments. “

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