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How to Play the Mario vs. Bowser Mod in Among Us


The Mario v. Bowser Among Us mod gives the Impostor all the powers of Bowser. The only one who can stop him and save the others is crewmate Mario.

It seems the trend of adding popular game, film, and TV characters to Among Us is not slowing down any time soon, and the Mario vs. Bowser mod allows one crewmate to stand up against a monstrous, overpowered Impostor. Many role mods for Among Us either empower the crewmates against the Impostor, or turn the Impostor into an unstoppable, overpowered force. Now, a new trend has arisen that includes the best of both mod types. These “versus” mods pit an overpowered Impostor from pop culture against the crewmates, but grants one crewmate the heroic abilities of another character to protect the others and take the Impostor down. The Mario vs. Bowser Among Us mod is one of the newest options.

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In the Mario vs. Bowser mod, Impostors take the role of Bowser, and one crewmate is assigned the role of Mario. The Impostor as Bowser tries to eliminate all crewmates, while Mario tries to protect the crewmates, find Bowser, and eliminate him first. Each of these roles comes with new abilities based on the characters, like fireballs, invincibility stars, and an army of Goombas. Here’s how to play the Mario vs. Bowser mod in Among Us.

How to Play as Mario and Bowser in Among Us

Mario stomps Goombas in Among Us

There are several versions of the Among Us Mario vs. Bowser Mod, and the rules differ slightly between content creators. The original was created and programmed by Sub & Fletch, and a version of the same mod was demonstrated by popular YouTuber SSundee and his friends. Though there are several variants of the mod, none are currently available for public download. Players may have luck getting into a game that uses this mod by joining a server that has it installed. Players can also always try their hand at programming a version. It is also possible that, given its popularity, other modders will eventually program a version of this mod and make it available for wider use.

When a crewmate becomes the Impostor, Bowser, in the Among Us Mario vs. Bowser mod, they can use several new abilities to sabotage and kill crewmates, including:

  • Leap: Bowser jumps into the air and chooses a spot to land, crushing any crewmates in the way.
  • Goombas: Bowser selects one crewmate and sends a horde of Goombas after that character.
  • Airship: Bowser jumps above the map and boards his airship. From the Airship, he can see the whole map and shoot fireballs at crewmates.
  • Spin: Bowser throws a spinning shell at a crewmate.

The Impostor must be transformed into Bowser to use all but the Goombas power. Bowser can also use the classic Sabotage and Kill buttons, and the lights and doors sabotages are most effective while using the mod. Several of Bowser’s attacks leave a corpse, but it is not reportable, making things more difficult for the crewmates.

Bowser aboard his airship in Among Us

To combat Bowser’s abilities, one crewmate will be randomly assigned the role of Mario. This crewmate dons a sprite that looks identical to the iconic Nintendo character. Mario cannot die in Bowser’s attacks and can kill Bowser with fireballs during the match. Mario has several abilities, including:

  • Invincible: Mario throws a star to a crewmate, making them briefly unable to die from Bowser’s attacks. This is particularly useful against Goombas.
  • Yoshi: Mario hops on Yoshi’s back to fly around. While this ability is active, Mario can pass through walls and move at faster speeds than normal crewmates and Bowser.
  • Fireballs: Mario can shoot fireballs at Bowser. Friendly fire possible.
  • Stomp: Mario crushes Goombas underfoot.

As a general strategy, Mario should stay close to crewmates in case the Goombas attack so they can use Stomp and Invincible frequently. They can use the Yoshi power to travel around the map and keep an eye on things. Mario always wants to keep at least one crewmate alive and kill Bowser to secure a win. He also needs to be very careful not to use Fireballs until he is absolutely sure who Bowser is, or he spots Bowser roaming the map. If a fireball gets too close to a crewmate, the crewmate will die.

Because the Impostor can transform into and out of Bowser, they can still be found out and voted out by the rest of the crewmates. This is the easiest way to secure a crewmate win. However, the odds do still seem to favor the Impostor Bowser. Based on gameplay footage from this mod, it seems the goal is more about having fun with new abilities and making interesting plays than winning, and mods like these are best enjoyed casually among friends.

Players can see the Among Us Mario vs. Bowser mod in a match by checking out SSundee’s video below:

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Among Us is available for Nintendo Switch, PC, iOS, and Android.

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