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How to Play the Scary Elmo Role Mod in Among Us

Among Us Elmo Mod Fire

The Scary Elmo Impostor Role mod for Among Us allows the Impostor to terrorize crewmates with jumpscares, swarms, and death by tickling.

Turning Impostors into famous horror monsters with overpowered abilities has become a major trend in the Among Us modding community, and the new Scary Elmo Role mod takes this concept to a new level. Horror mods for Among Us are gaining traction among content creators, likely because the social deduction game has an inherently scary premise. Crewmates are stuck in a single location with a killer or several killers looking to do them harm. Normally, the crewmates still have some power against the Impostor, even though the odds are not in their favor. The Scary Elmo Role mod makes winning as a crewmate almost impossible, concentrating instead on creating a terrifying and atmospheric survival horror experience.

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The Among Us Scary Elmo Role Mod borrows heavily from other horror-themed mods, including the Five Nights at Freddy’s mod, the Pennywise Role Mod, and even the Stranger Things mod. The Impostor as Elmo gains new abilities to sabotage and kill crewmates. The mod includes a new mechanic in the Tickle Meter, which increases any time Elmo gets close to a crewmate and, when filled, results in death from laughter. Crewmates can lower this, but they will have to complete their tasks to do so. Crewmates can see but not report the bodies of their fallen teammates, so the only way to stop the constant attacks will be to use the Emergency Meeting button. Like other pop-culture-inspired Among Us mods, the goal is less about social deduction and competitive play and more about being creative with new abilities and getting scared with friends. Here’s how to play the Scary Elmo Role mod in Among Us.

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How to Play as Elmo in Among Us

A crewmate runs from Elmo in the Among Us Scary Elmo Mod

The Among Us Scary Elmo Role Mod was created by @Lookumz for Nicovald and their friends and is currently not available for public download. Players may have luck getting into a game that uses this mod by joining a server that has it installed. Players can also always try their hand at programming a version. It is also possible that, given its popularity, other modders will eventually program a version of this mod and make it available for wider use.

At the start of a match with the Among Us Scary Elmo Role mod installed, a short cutscene will play of Elmo rising from the fiery lava on Polus, with terrifying cathedral music swelling in the background. Around the map, players can see some of their favorite Sesame Street Muppets who have been presumably killed by the Impostor.

The new mechanic for the Among Us Scary Elmo Role mod is the Tickle Meter. Every crewmate can see and monitor their Tickle Meter at the bottom of the screen. Spending five seconds near Elmo will add another bar to the Tickle Meter, indicating the crewmate is being tickled by Scary Elmo. The meter starts green but will turn yellow, then orange, and finally red in the last stages. If the bar fills entirely, an animation of the crewmate laughing hysterically and falling dead will play. The body is visible to other players but cannot be reported. Each crewmate’s Tickle Meter is visible to other players. The only way for crewmates to lower the Tickle Meter once it begins to fill is to complete tasks. When a crewmate runs out of tasks, they will not have any recourse and can become easy prey for Scary Elmo.

A crewmate is swarmed by Elmo clones in the Among Us Scary Elmo Mod

The Impostor as Scary Elmo has the following new powers:

  • Transform: The Impostor transforms from their crewmate sprite to Scary Elmo.
  • Jumpscare: Elmo jumps toward the crewmate’s screen. Once the image fades, crewmates are trapped in darkness and stunned for a short time. They can see the faces of Elmo swarms and the Impostor Elmo.
  • Fire-Jump: Elmo can teleport anywhere on the map, coming up from an opened fiery pit of lava. This will be announced to any nearby crewmates by Elmo shouting, “Peekaboo!”
  • Swarm: Elmo creates more copies of himself that can begin to follow a crewmate but can’t cause them harm. This is announced to crewmates by Elmo shouting, “Come out, come out, wherever you are.” The faces of these duplicates are still visible in the blackout during Jumpscare.
  • Giant: Elmo grows to unimaginable sizes on the left side of the map and uses a giant paw to grab crewmates, dragging them off the map to their deaths.
  • Hug: Elmo lunges at a crewmate and gives them a big hug, squeezing them until they pop and die. Crewmates can see the body, but they cannot report.

Elmo can also still use the regular Sabotages. Lights, Doors, and Oxygen are the best sabotage options for this particular mod. Additionally, while the Impostor must have Transform active to use most of the Scary Elmo abilities, they can use Jumpscare without having transformed.

Elmo walks through the halls in Among Us

Impostors can give themselves a good alibi by using Jumpscare, followed by Transform. This will increase their Tickle Meter as though they are near Scary Elmo. They can also lower it by faking certain tasks. This is one way Impostors can be cleared of all suspicion while playing as Scary Elmo.

Crewmates may want to avoid sticking together. Elmo’s Giant ability can grab multiple crewmates caught in the same area, making grouping up a dangerous idea. Completing tasks can help them stave off any increases to their Tickle Meter from being Jumpscared, Swarmed, and having Elmo teleport near them with the Fire-Jump ability. It is also the best way to win. It will be extremely difficult to deduce the identity of Scary Elmo, given the possible strategy for developing an alibi, so a win from completing tasks, while rare, is the crew’s best option.

Players can see the Scary Elmo Role mod used in an Among Us match by watching Nicovald’s video below:

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Among Us is available for Nintendo Switch, PC, iOS, and Android.

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