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How to Romance Thane Krios in Mass Effect 3


Thane’s romance is one of the shortest in the entire Mass Effect trilogy, in part because, by the third installment, he is entering the final, terminal stages of Kepral’s Syndrome. Where the romances in both Mass Effect 1 and Mass Effect 2 are largely one-night experiences, the romantic relationships between Shepard and a squadmate (or former squadmate) paramour in Mass Effect 3 are generally more complex and mature, and Thane’s is no exception. Though Thane does not feature as a squadmate in Mass Effect 3, if he survived the Suicide Mission in Mass Effect 2, and if Shepard began a romance with him, the romance can be rekindled.

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Thane is only available as a love interest for a female Shepard. Once the romance has been locked in during the main campaign of Mass Effect 3, Shepard will not be able to romance anyone else. To successfully romance Thane in Mass Effect 3, Shepard will need to visit him at Huerta Memorial Hospital on the Citadel between missions. Thane also has a prominent role in the Citadel DLC, especially if he is in a relationship with Shepard. Here’s how to continue a romance with Thane in Mass Effect 3.

Warning: Spoilers ahead for the Mass Effect 3 mission Priority: Citadel II and its aftermath.

How to Continue a Romance with Thane in Mass Effect 3

Thane and Kolyat pray at the hospital in Mass Effect 3

Romancing Thane in Mass Effect 3 is only available if Shepard initiated the romance in Mass Effect 2. Unfortunately, Thane is not an option for a love interest if players use the Mass Effect: Genesis interactive comic, so they must import a Mass Effect 2 save to unlock this path.

After Priority: Palaven, Thane will send Shepard a message via her Private Terminal, asking her to meet him at Huerta Memorial Hospital on the Citadel. During this first conversation, Shepard should take the Paragon interrupt to greet him with a kiss. If Shepard started a romance with Kaidan in Mass Effect 1 and saved him on Virmire, Thane will comment on it ahead of the Paragon interrupt. Shepard should say We were intimate once to put the matter to rest and continue romancing Thane.

Following the kiss, Shepard can suggest they find a private place, which will result in an intimate moment in the hospital waiting area. This option only works once; Shepard can ask again, but Thane will suggest they stick to less strenuous activities, like conversing.

Thane and Shepard Kiss in Mass Effect 3

During Priority: Citadel II, Thane will be on radio with Shepard trying to help stop the Cerberus attack. Near the end of the mission, Thane will stop Kai Leng from killing the salarian Councilor but will be mortally wounded in the process. After the mission and subsequent conversation with Commander Bailey of C-Sec, Shepard should get to the hospital again to see Thane one final time.

In the hospital room, Shepard can say her goodbyes, promising to “meet him across the sea.” She should accept Thane’s request to pray with him. Following the prayer and Thane’s death, Shepard will ask Kolyat why Thane asked for forgiveness when he died a hero, and Kolyat will tell her the final prayer was not for him, but for her. Shepard can later read a letter Thane wrote to her, found in his Shadow Broker dossier, at her Private Terminal. Thane’s name also appears on the Memorial Wall aboard the Normandy.

During the Citadel DLC, after Shepard has visited with other squadmates at her apartment or on the strip, she will receive a message from Kolyat asking to hold a memorial in his father’s honor. If Shepard accepts, she and the other Mass Effect 2 squadmates who knew and worked with Thane will attend and say a few words. At the end of the memorial, Kolyat will give Shepard some video messages he found among Thane’s belongings that he sent while she was incarcerated. To view the messages, Shepard can use the large flat-screen in the main bedroom upstairs. Normally, if Shepard was just a friend of Thane’s, there are three messages. If Shepard romanced Thane, there is a fourth, more intimate one reminiscing of their night together in Mass Effect 2 and promising to meet her across the sea.

Thane in his quarters in Life Support aboard the Normandy in Mass Effect 2

After Shepard’s big party, if she was not in any other romantic relationship, Thane’s spirit will appear to Shepard on the Docking Bay. He will offer her words of comfort and encouragement and again promise to wait for her, concluding the romance.

Shepard can take her revenge against Kai Leng in a more satisfying way during the mission Priority: Cerberus Headquarters. After the fight with Leng, Shepard should take the Renegade Interrupt to run him through with an Omni-Blade, which she will say is for Thane.

It is important to note that Shepard will not be able to romance any other character following Thane’s death if they did not break things off with him ahead of time. Players may also notice completing Thane’s romance in Mass Effect 3, unlike the others, will not unlock in the Paramour Achievement.

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Mass Effect Legendary Edition is available for PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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