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How to Unlock Alternate Undersea Route in Pokémon Snap

New Pokemon Snap Alternate Undersea Route

Players can unlock an Alternate Undersea Route in the Lental Seafloor Level. This guide will show players how to unlock this path in Pokemon Snap.

The Alternate Undersea Route is something that players will want to unlock in Pokemon Snap. This guide will show players how to unlock access to it. Pokemon Snap is all about replaying the same levels to take pictures of some of your favorite Pokemon. It’s nearly impossible to take photos of every Pokemon available in a single run. This is especially important when unlocking higher-tier photos using all the tools in your line-up. As players progress through the game and level up, they will unlock more new locations to explore. This guide will show players how they can unlock the alternate Undersea Route.

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The reason players want to access the Alternate Undersea Route is that it provides a completely different experience from the original. It comes along with its own set of Pokemon to discover and older Pokemon to newer situations, allowing players to complete that 4 photo catalog for each Pokemon. If the player wishes to 100% the game, they will need to capture a minimum of at least 4 different tier photos of each Pokemon. Since there are well over 200 Pokemon in the game, this can take a while. To make it a bit easier, here is how players can access the Alternate Undersea Route.

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How To Unlock The Alternate Undersea Route in Pokemon Snap

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To unlock the Alternate Undersea Route, the player will need to unlock level 3 of the Lental Seafloor level. Players can do this by playing the level over and over again to gain enough points to unlock this level. Once the player has unlocked level 3, they will need to play up to the level where they can find a Clawitzer. Once you encounter it, the player will need to use an Illumina Orb to power it up. This will make it strong enough to destroy the boulder and it will unlock the Alternate Undersea Route for the player. If the player attempts to do this before level 3, Clawitzer will attempt to smash the boulder but it will fail. Players will now have access to this new alternate path.

Pokemon Snap has been dormant for well over 2 decades now. It’s nice to see the game get a new entry after so long. It universally has been praised for its graphics and its relaxing gameplay. Hopefully, it won’t be another 20 years before they release another entry in this series. Maybe DLC can come in the future to keep things fresh and interesting.

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Pokemon Snap is available now on Nintendo Switch.

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