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How to Unlock More Frames in Pokémon Snap

Pokemon Snap Photo Editor

After snapping a photo in New Pokemon Snap, players can edit them and add a frame. They will need to complete tasks to unlock more frames.

In addition to snapping photos of the over 200 Pokémon found throughout the Lental Region in New Pokémon Snap, players have the opportunity to edit their photos with cosmetics like stickers, filters, and frames and share them with their friends and the broader Pokémon Snap community. Each kind of decorative item players can access through the Photo Editor is considered a collectible, and many of these will need to be unlocked as players progress the main story of New Pokémon Snap. Players can complete tasks and reach milestones to unlock and add a frame to their photographs.

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Frames come in a variety of styles, from patterns of hearts and flowers, to effects like lens flares, vignettes, and snow or rain, to traditional photo frames and comic panels. Typically, completing requests, earning research titles, and reaching specific research levels in an area will unlock more frames in New Pokémon Snap. This means players can often unlock most of their cosmetics simply by playing the game as they normally would. Here’s how to unlock every frame in New Pokémon Snap.

How to Unlock Frames in New Pokémon Snap

Players can add filters to their images in New Pokémon Snap

To reach the milestones needed to unlock all the frames in New Pokémon Snap, players will want to progress the story and make sure they are registering Pokémon in the Photodex and fulfilling requests. Only one frame can be applied to a photo at a time, and frames, like other cosmetics, do not add to or detract from a photo’s earned points.

Below, players can find a list of unlockable frames and their specific unlock conditions:

  • Comic 7 (Square Panel): Complete the Dangling Metapod request
  • Design 2 (Pink & Teal Ribbon): Earn the Professional Photographer research title
  • Design 4 (Yellow & White Ribbon): Earn the Assistant Detective research title
  • Design 13 (Night Sky): Complete the Hoothoot’s Hidden Foot request
  • Design 14 (Pink Corner Flowers): Earn the Practice Makes Perfect research title
  • Design 19 (Research Camera Lens): Earn the Fledgling Researcher research title
  • Lental Region 3 (Jungle): Reach Jungle (Day) Research Level 3
  • Lental Region 9 (Undersea): Reach Undersea Research Level 3
  • Photo Frame 9 (Pokémon): Earn the Getting Better All the Time research title

A player can add stickers and borders to their photos in New Pokémon Snap

While no official word has come from Nintendo, it is always possible more frames will become available in future game updates.

Other in-game activities and milestones in New Pokémon Snap will allow players to unlock more stickers and filters to decorate each photo in a unique way. They can upload these photos to share with the community, and fans can vote for their favorite photo edits.


New Pokémon Snap is available for Nintendo Switch.

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