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How to Win The Slimescraper in Fall Guys

Slimescraper Fall Guys

The Slimescraper is a game mode in Fall Guys added during the 4.5 update of season 4. Here’s how to reach the end before falling in the slime below.

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout continues to introduce more game modes in line with what the players enjoy the most. Though it’s not as trendy as it was the month it launched in 2020, the game continues to release regular updates for its active player base. One of the new game modes, introduced during the 4.5 update, is the daunting Slimescraper.

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Some could say that the Slimescraper is the spiritual successor to the beloved Slime Climb game mode. That iconic survival race, which has been in the game since launch, has the players race to the end of an obstacle course while pink slime slowly rises. Anyone who fell into the slime was eliminated, while any quick and nimble enough to make it to the end proceeded to the next round. The Slimescraper follows a very similar structure, only with new and trickier obstacles to avoid along the way. Here are all the obstacles to look out for while climbing the tower, so players can get their Fall Guy to the top unscathed.

Fall Guys Season 4-5

Try to Be Patient

  • This advice may seem contradictory. After all, there’s a rising tide of slime that will eliminate all who fall into it. But many of the elements of this climb require careful timing to pull off, and trying to rush through it may bring about the player’s downfall. Getting knocked off or missing a jump won’t always eliminate the player, but the higher the slime has risen, the less room there is for error. Proceed, but do so cautiously. After all, there are several other rambunctious Fall Guys in the way that make reaching the finish line more difficult.

The Flippers

  • In the beginning, there are several pinball flippers to watch out for. Keep in mind the area they sweep and make sure to jump over them when they go back and forth. It’s actually possible to jump on top of them, so use this to one’s advantage. They reappear at the very end, but this time, they can be beneficial. Players must climb up a slanted wall of slime, and doing so is rather slow, but getting in range of the flippers before they swing can propel the player toward the end goal.

The Light Bridges

  • Similarly to Skyline Stumble, light bridges will appear and disappear rhythmically. Pay careful attention to when and where they appear, and follow the pattern to predict where they will be. In some instances, they are used as platforms to help Fall Guys across long gaps. In others, they are walls that impede progress.

The Low Gravity

  • In both occurrences of the low gravity, it is used to help players with their platforming. Take advantage of the slowed descent to time landings in safe locations.

The Conveyer Belts

  • Several long stretches of conveyor belts line the path to the top. While it’s normally best to follow the direction they go toward, they push players in the opposite direction during a tricky segment with boxing gloves. Players may need to wait for the right opening to progress, but they’ll be pushed back if they stop outright. Pausing for brief moments, or strafing left or right, will help players keep their position while they wait for the big red boxing gloves to retract. Near the end, players will need to use the momentum of the conveyor belt to reach the faraway platforms, so run with the belt, not against it!

The Laser Jump Ropes

  • Another season four staple, several of the later areas of the climb are filled with these sci-fi jump ropes. What makes them so precarious is that it’s nigh impossible to go past them without jumping. Try to advance in the middle of the lane, where the laser is at it’s lowest point, because that’s where the player will have the most time to jump.

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Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is available on PlayStation 4 and PC with plans to launch on Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch in 2021.

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