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Idris Elba’s Luther Movie Begins Filming In September


The long-awaited film adaptation of the popular BBC series Luther will begin filming in September, says star and Hollywood starlet Idris Elba.

The long-awaited Luther movie, based on the BBC series starring Idris Elba, will begin filming in September. The British series, created by Neil Cross, premiered in 2010 and ran for five seasons. Luther follows Elba as the titular detective chief inspector of the Serious Crime Unit of the UK’s police force, who puts his personal life on the line for his job. 

In an interview with Variety, Elba revealed that the film adaptation of Luther is going to begin production in September. Elba, who is also an executive producer on the film, expressed his excitement at something he states is “a long time coming.” Fans of the show love both the intelligent plots and the darkness, a darkness to which Elba’s character attempts to avoid succumbing to. Elba has received a Royal Television Society award and two Golden Globes for his work as detective John Luther.

Ruth Wilson and Idris Elba in Luther

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Though many are excited for the film, the series did come under fire for having a Black protagonist without depicting any authenticities of Black culture. The film is currently a joint production between 20th Century Fox, BBC, and Chernin Entertainment Production. Also slated to executive produce are Peter Chernin, Julie Gardner, Katherine Pope, and Jane Tranter—Tranter and Gardner also helm the production company, Bad Wolf. Hopefully, the Luther film will seek to provide a more authentic look at the Black experience while maintaining what fans love about the series.

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Source: Variety

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