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Indiana Jones-Inspired Phantom Abyss Has a Prize Only One Player Can Collect

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The Indiana Jones-like video game lets players attempt to recover rare relics in dangerous temples filled with boulders, pits, and spikes.

The newest game from Devolver Digital is Phantom Abyss, a temple-exploring game where players attempt to steal coveted relics. It’s certainly not the only temple adventure game on the horizon. Earlier this year, Bethesda announced that Machine Games, the developer behind the recent Wolfenstein games, is working on an Indiana Jones video game. Anticipation for that kind of experience is mounting from fans of the classic franchise. Though the Indiana Jones game is likely far away, it looks like an upcoming early access game might scratch the temple-exploring itch.

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In a Tweet from the devolverdigital Twitter account, the developer revealed Phantom Abyss for Steam Early Access in June 2021. The game pits players into procedurally-generated temples where they attempt to avoid hazards and make it to the end to obtain incredibly rare relics. They only get one attempt to clear a given temple, so dying means they can never try to steal a relic from that level. Only one player can obtain the temple’s final relic, and the temple permanently closes once the task is accomplished. Phantom Abyss features asynchronous multiplayer, meaning players will follow ghosts of other players who failed to make it through the temples.

A trailer shows off gameplay for the upcoming adventure game, highlighting the first-person perspective. Phantom Abyss appears to be inspired by Indiana Jones, where the titular character evaded rolling boulders and spikes to recover a golden idol in Raiders of the Lost Ark. Like the famous archaeologist, players in Phantom Abyss will be equipped with a whip to traverse the game’s dangerous environments. As the early stages of development on the Indiana Jones game are underway, Phantom Abyss looks to be a similar type of experience for players to enjoy.

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Source: Devolver Digital/Twitter

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