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Interesting Tangled Rapunzel Tweets You Should See in This Coronavirus Pandemic

Coronavirus Rapunzel Tweets

Since the sudden spread of horror disease Coronavirus all over the world, most of the affected countries like China, Italy, Iran, the USA, and more have completely locked down the country and forced every citizen for social distancing and quarantining. As everyone is locked down at their homes, most of them prefer to watch movies like Tangled and all.

Well, if you have also recently watched Disney’s Tangled in these last few weeks due to the Coronavirus quarantine, then you would be surprised to know that even Rapunzel was quarantined for 18 years. But why? Because Mother Gothel hid Rapunzel in a tower away from the village of Corona. Not really, but this line suites this worse scenario of the world.

During this social distancing and quarantining due to the coronavirus pandemic, many people have watched the movie and took hit Twitter with some great inspiring Tweets about how Rapunzel spent 18 years alone by entertaining herself.  Let’s check out some of these Tangled’s Rapunzel tweets in this terror Coronavirus pandemic.

Well, these were some funny and inspirational tweets about how Rapunzel spent 18 years by entertaining herself by writing songs and all. What about you? What are you doing Netflix and Chill rather? Do you love to write or anything? Please do share your thoughts in the comment and inspire others to have a good time in this social distancing period.

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