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Is Broom Challenge Magic Or Earth’s Gravitational Pull?


Today morning, the internet stormed with the #BroomChallenge as thousands of people posted on Twitter, TikTok, and Instagram the photos and videos of broom standing upright without any support.

That’s right! After watching these thousand clips which show the broom standing up with no assistance, we did some gig. We found that some people said that the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) allegedly announced earlier that Earth’s rotation would be “in perfect balance” on February 10. Hence, you will be able to balance in broom without any support on that day.

Well, some people think it’s magic, and others believe that Earth’s current gravitational pull and location in the universe. Meanwhile, Tim Akimoff tweeted, “Now if the damn thing would start sweeping by itself. That would be impressive. #broomchallenge”

Some online users posted some creative video as broom standing upright, and they are dancing around it like a stripper pole while another showing gesture as the broom is being held up by a ghost.

On one interview with Portal R7 by Time 24 News, the director of the UNESP Astrophysics Institute, Rodolfo Langhi, told use that there is no physical relationship with the fact that the brooms are standing upright. He also added that the broom is standing is also depend on the base as its heavier or wider. And also said that it can be balanced at any time of the year.  You can see #broomchallenge video below and try at your house:


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