Is Jemima Kirke Married? What Happened to Her and Michael Mosberg?

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Jemima Kirke was married to a former lawyer named Michael Mosberg for eight years.

Jemima checked in to rehab in her early 20s, partly because she wanted to steer her life in a new direction. She met Michael while at the facility.

“When you are in rehab, and afterward, you think you are an addict,” she told People. “I didn’t actually feel like the label fit, but I went through with it because I gave it credit for giving me a life and I was scared that if I abandoned it, I would go right back to where I was.”

Jemima tied the knot with Michael in 2009. They share two kids, 11-year-old Rafaella and 9-year-old Memphis. They reportedly separated in the summer of 2016, officially announcing their divorce in 2017.

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Season 6 of Girls was likely filmed around the same time. Working on the last season might have affected Jemima. As she told StyleLikeU, she felt compelled to reevaluate her choices.

Girls is ending, I guess I’m shedding some of that fear of making things, of being accountable for something I make,” she said. “Things are opening up.”

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In an interview with Evening Standard, the actress ventured so far as to credit acting for the divorce. As she explained, she tends to ask herself a lot of questions about her character’s motives when she is at work. As she said, she started doing the same in her personal life — which is how the divorce came about.

“I got divorced, and I attribute that to acting,” she said. “So much of my life has been about reaction, just following the flow rather than making a strong choice. In acting, you are always asking yourself why you do things, why you make the choices you make. Everything means something. And so then you start looking at your own life in that way.”

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