Is Netflix’s ‘Nightbooks’ Too Scary for Kids? The Movie Is Rated PG-TV

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Netflix gave the film a PG-TV rating, which means that parental guidance is suggested for younger viewers. The site deems the following ratings to be appropriate for kids: TV-Y, TV-Y7, G, TV-G, PG, and PG-TV.

PG-TV is the final rating in the kids category on Netflix, and the next one, PG-13, marks the start of the teen section.

Nightbooks has been billed as a kid-appropriate dark fantasy film, but it does feature plenty of scary moments. Natacha herself is a daunting villain, though Krysten Ritter infuses humor into her performance. Both Alex and Yasmin are entrapped in Natacha’s (creepy-looking) apartment against their will — and they know that they will die if they are not of use to her.

Aside from the scary plot points, viewers will find themselves on edge throughout Nightbooks. There are monsters who jump out from Natacha’s night garden and from her library, which will remind fans of classic horror films. Plus, Alex does tell a mean scary story.

Though Nightbooks is technically appropriate for children who are watching with permission from their parents or guardians, it may not be suitable for young kids. The fantasy flick might be a better fit for Middle-Grade tweens and teens.

The movie’s fright level has been compared to that of the films in the Goosebumps series.

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