It Looks Like [SPOILER] Is Definitely in Season 2 of ‘The Mandalorian,’ but How Old Is He?

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Spoiler Alert: This text accommodates spoilers for The Mandalorian Season 2.

Jon Favreau’s foray into the Star Wars universe has been met with excessive acclaim from each followers and critics alike, but it surely additionally helps that the director is an unabashed nerd for the franchise. So it is no coincidence that his enthusiasm permeates each episode of The Mandalorian, which additionally manages to maintain issues contemporary for followers whereas calling again to great trademark SW characters, like Boba Fett who followers are satisfied is now part of the collection. However how previous would that make him?

Is that Boba Fett watching the Krayt Dragon getting killed by the Mandalorian?

The most recent season of the Disney+ collection has Star Wars followers completely freaking out as a result of, identical to the monstrous reveal of the Child Yoda in Season 1, there is a determine that is teased to viewers shortly after the Mandalorian himself destroys a ginormous Krayt Dragon, after enlisting the assistance of Tatooine inhabitants, a gang of Tusken raiders, and a sheriff who was sporting inexperienced Mandalorian armor.

It is sufficient to take advantage of die exhausting George Lucas fan geek the heck out, but when that wasn’t sufficient, it seems that there was a person watching the entire motion from afar. The primary protagonist speeds away and watching him is none aside from this dude, who you would possibly bear in mind from earlier Star Wars movies: Temuera Morrison.

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He is the actor who performed Jango Fett within the prequel movies, and he was technically the entire “clones” that had been used within the flicks as nicely, as Jango was the template for all of the clones utilized by the Emperor in his reign over the identified galaxy. Jango met his premature finish by the hands of Samuel L. Jackson, aka Mace Windu, when he was decapitated through purple lightsaber. He “mace” it look straightforward; see for your self:

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So does that imply this dude watching the entire motion is definitely Boba himself? Yeah, in all probability. However you are saying to your self, “Boba died within the Sarlacc pit?! I noticed it myself when my greatest good friend who’s obsessive about the drive made me watch the entire Star Wars motion pictures a gajillion instances!”

Sure, true, however that is the flicks, and except you bodily see somebody disintegrate earlier than your very eyes, they are not useless.

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Positive, the Sarlacc burps after “consuming” Boba, however he may’ve very simply thrown his backpack into its mouth and crawled away to security. Or you possibly can hearken to the tons of different fan theories about Boba Fett and Susejo / the Sarlacc making a form of “psychological bond” after he was consumed by the pit. The armor he was sporting stored him comparatively alive however the extra he struggled contained in the monster, the tighter its grasp obtained.

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The speculation goes that Boba Fett principally surrendered to the Sarlacc, however established a sort of psychological reference to Susejo, who was one of many first victims of the Sarlacc Pit. His consciousness melded with the Sarlacc, which then melded with Boba Fett, whose thoughts was stronger. He then managed to infuriate Susejo / the Sarlacc to such an amazing diploma that his jet pack was squeezed so tightly it exploded contained in the monster.

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This gave him the chance to flee, which he took full benefit of. As soon as exterior of the creature, he theoretically was in a position to make his escape. It appears he has a vested curiosity in what the Mandalorian’s mission is and the most important query is: Is he a good friend or foe? It is exhausting to think about he likes any Jedi, which the Mandalorian just isn’t, however Boba’s all the time been a “unhealthy man.”

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