Jane Foster Is About to Become Thor, and We Can’t Wait to Find out How

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Within the comics, Jane Foster turns into Thor after Nick Fury whispers one thing in Odinson’s (Thor’s) ear that makes him unworthy of the title. Jane then steps in to defend Asgard, at the same time as she offers with a battle towards breast most cancers. In a brutal twist, each time she turns into Thor, she‘s basically making her chemotherapy nugatory. Nonetheless, she chooses to change into a hero. 

As soon as she assumes the mantle of Thor, Jane begins preventing as Malekith and Roxxon to defend the 10 realms, and ultimately loses her life in a battle towards the Mangog (these names are rather a lot, we all know). She saves Asgard within the course of, and is ultimately resurrected by Odin in gratitude for her service. Even after she’s resurrected, although, she nonetheless has breast most cancers. In her present incarnation the comics, she exists as a Valkyrie. 

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