Jeannie Mai’s Health Scare Has Taken Her off of ‘Dancing With the Stars’

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Epiglottitis is when your epiglottis, a form of cartilage-made “protecting” to your windpipe, turns into swollen. The epiglottis, like just about each half in your physique apart from that lazy appendix, performs important capabilities that pertain to respiration and swallowing. If this a part of your physique swells, you could possibly expertise a litany of various signs, like being unable to swallow liquid or meals correctly, and even have problem respiration.

This makes epiglottitis a probably life-threatening situation. Which explains why Jeannie so direly wished to get it taken care of.

There are a number of methods one could be recognized with epiglottitis, which incorporates burning one’s epiglottis with sizzling liquids, sustaining a throat damage, or contracting an an infection. Hib, aka Haemophilus influenzae sort b, is the commonest an infection that causes epiglottitis.

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