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Jen Shah Caught Once Again Bashing Co-Stars In Leaked Audio


Leaked audio shows The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City’s Jen Shah bashing both Heather Gay and Mary Cosby for their appearances and personalities.

Jen Shah, of The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City fame, was caught bashing her co-stars once again in recently leaked audio. When season one of RHOSLC first aired, Jen Shah instantly became one of the most polarizing housewives in history. Throughout the season, Jen got into arguments with everyone on the cast and ended the reunion with Lisa Barlow as her only ally. From the start, Jen’s biggest feud was with Mary Cosby. The two could never find their footing in their friendship and had issues all season. In the end, Mary’s friendships with the other women became a sore subject for Jen and caused tension in their relationships with her.

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During the season one reunion, Jen had a lot to own up to. Beyond addressing her argument with Meredith Marks and her blowup with Whitney Rose, the most surprising disagreement was between her and Heather Gay. Jen and Heather were best friends throughout the whole season, and Heather had Jen’s back through everything. Heather was upset because Jen said she didn’t trust Heather during a cast trip to Vegas, despite Heather’s loyalty to her during her many meltdowns. On top of that, Heather brought up rumors that Jen is comparing her to a manatee and calling her Shrek behind her back. It now looks like Heather was telling the truth, and that wasn’t even the worst of it.

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In audio clips leaked recently on the Instagram page Reality Von (Tea), Jen can be heard talking smack about both Heather Gay and Mary Cosby. Jen calls her cast members fake, and in the audio clip, claims the women think of themselves as actresses. While names are not mentioned, fans assume she is talking about Heather when Jen says, “This b*tch thinks she’s a f*cking actress.” Jen went on to claim that if the woman just acted like herself, people would like her authentically. She digs further, saying there is a reason this person is not an actress and that Jen tells her all the time she needs to “fix her f*cking face.” Leaked DMs between Jen and her friend also prove Heather’s claims that Jen called her a manatee and Shrek.

However, Jen did not stop at Heather when it came to the insults and took shots at Mary next (via Instgram). Jen was not shy when it came to sharing her opinions on Mary’s clothing. When referencing Mary’s style, Jen said Mary just likes to throw everything in her closet on at once and call it an outfit. One outfit in particular that Jen didn’t like was the green Valentino dress Mary wore to Meredith’s birthday party. Jen commented that Mary looked like a Christmas tree, and said she wanted to plant her in her backyard. She continued by saying, “(I would) probably throw your a** in the trash when Christmas is over. Bye, Mary!” Fans had a lot to say about this dress too, but it’s doubtful any of them wanted to cancel her for her clothes.

It is unclear how these new leaked audio clips will affect Jen’s popularity among fans. Her recent arrest and legal troubles, and her response to her arrest on Instagram, already had a negative impact on her public image. The nature of her crime, in particular, rubbed fans the wrong way, as she was allegedly stealing from the elderly. Prior to her arrest, however, she also lost some fans when she compared the women ganging up on her at the reunion to George Floyd, claiming the women had their knees on her neck. It will be interesting to see how all of this will play out in season two of The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City, which is currently filming.

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Source: Reality Blurb, Instagram

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