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Jersey City Shooting Killed 6 People including 1 detective, 2 suspects, and 3 locals

Jersey City Shooting

A total of six people died in the series of a gunfight that happened on Tuesday afternoon in Jersey City, N.J. Among these six people, two were the suspects who started shooting, three civilians, and an officer named Joseph Seals according to the New York Times.

Two suspected persons were noticed by police officers near the cemetery and they followed them. According to the reports, shooting at the Jersey City started when the Detective Seals reached one of the suspects when they were at the nearby cemetery for some investigation and he was shot dead. Both suspects tried a truck to runaway but ended up at the kosher market.


The two suspects then hid in a store and started firing at the officers and local people, resulting in the death of a 40-year-old detective Joseph Seals. Chief Mike Kelly, Jersey City Police Department, said that the detective was associated with the department for a very long time. The firing between the officials and the suspects continued for almost an hour which transformed the neighborhood into a war field.

According to James Shea, director of public safety, Jersey City said in a press conference that there is no sight of terrorism in this attack and the location of the firing was just a random. But in the evening Steven Fulop, mayor of Jersey City tweeted that now they believe that the shooting by the gunmen was pre-planned and they targeted the location but no more explanation about this was rendered by him. He said on a Twitter that two other officers who were injured in the shooting are being treated at JCMC and urged people to keep them in the prayers. He also added that now people need not to panic as there are no more threats in the city due to this incident.

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