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John Walker’s Best MCU Future Is Fighting Hawkeye, Not Captain America

John Walker future US Agent Hawkeye Rivalry

US Agent’s real nemesis in Marvel Comics wasn’t Captain America – it was Hawkeye. Here’s why Clint Barton should be Walker’s next opponent in the MCU.

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier‘s U.S. Agent (Wyatt Russell) could follow in the footsteps of his comic book counterpart by moving on from Captain America to Hawkeye. In the comics, John Walker deeply detested the archer during their time together on the West Coast Avengers roster.

John Walker has an uncertain future in the MCU. While Wyatt Russell has stated that he doesn’t know if or when his character will be back, The Falcon and the Winter Soldier’s ending certainly left the implication that he still has more to do. After losing the Captain America mantle to Sam Wilson (Anthony Mackie), he was granted his U.S. Agent costume and moniker from Marvel Comics by Val (Julia Louis-Dreyfus), who clearly has big plans for him. The prevailing theory is that Val has recruited him for the Dark Avengers or the Thunderbolts, but nothing has been confirmed as of yet.

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It could be that his next arc in the MCU will draw inspiration from his first U.S. Agent story in Marvel Comics. After failing as Captain America, Walker became a government-appointed member of the West Coast Avengers – much to the chagrin of their current leader, Hawkeye. The two immediately started quarreling, with Clint being furious that the government shoehorned U.S. Agent into the Avengers, and Walker simply not caring if he had Hawkeye’s approval or not. Their problems only got worse as time went on. Clint felt that Walker was a Captain America wannabe who had to literally buy his way into being a super soldier, whereas U.S. Agent thought that Hawkeye was grossly incompetent.

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Their comic book relationship would be perfect for the MCU, and it feels like the right next step for both of them. Walker’s conflict with Sam Wilson has run its course, so it doesn’t feel necessary for them to have a rematch in Captain America 4. That’s why it would be better for him to fight someone else – specifically, Clint Barton. Like the comic book characters, they could be forced to team up, then face off in a heated showdown once they can no longer stand each other anymore. In the comic book version of the story, it was Walker who won the battle, because Clint just couldn’t find a proper answer for Walker’s super strength. But the MCU could of course move in an entirely different direction.

Their interactions in West Coast Avengers made for some fun reading, and could be translated well to the MCU if they were to meet in Hawkeye or another Marvel project. If their relationship were to be adapted, it could help bring to the surface some of the most entertaining elements of their characters, such as Hawkeye’s childish nature. The Avengers movies haven’t really showcased that side of him yet, but it’s an important part of his comic book character. In West Coast Avengers, he hated U.S. Agent so much that he couldn’t resist getting in a dig at him at any and every opportunity (even when he knew he was only making things worse). As for U.S. Agent, his sharp criticisms of Hawkeye’s abilities (or lack thereof) echoed the sentiments of those who call him “the worst Avenger”. Pitting him against Walker could allow audiences to see how the MCU’s Hawkeye truly feels about not being taken seriously.

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