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Johnny & Alexis’ 5 Best (& 5 Worst) Father-Daughter Moments

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The transformation of the Rose family over the course of six seasons was nothing more than extraordinary. From being multimillionaires to losing everything, Johnny, Moira, Alexis, and David came together as a family instead of breaking apart. As the parents, Moira and Johnny didn’t always have their kids’ best interests at heart, but that changed the longer they were in Schitt’s Creek. The relationship between Johnny and Alexis, in particular, was sweet and underrated.

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Alexis said time and time again that David was Moira’s favorite child, but what about Johnny’s? Johnny treated both of his kids equally, but he had a soft spot for Alexis. Throughout Schitt’s Creek, Johnny and Alexis’ subtle relationship proved its worth and was entertaining to watch.

10 Best: Alexis Wanted To Stay In Schitt’s Creek For Her Dad

alexis looks lovingly at ted while sitting on the couch on schitt's creek

When the of moving to the Galápagos Islands to be with Ted set in, Alexis panicked. She and her family were different than they were in season 1. She was now closer with her parents and brother than ever and feared she would miss them too much when she moved. To help her reasoning, she told Ted that she felt like she needed to stay because David and Moira ganged up on her dad too much and she felt like she was his only friend at times. While not every moment between father and daughter was shown, this little look inside their relationship proved they were closer than what was shown.

9 Worst: Johnny Didn’t Even Know What His Daughter Looked Like At Graduation

johnny and moira sitting in the motel talking to alexis about graduation on schitts creek

In “Murder Mystery,” Alexis came clean to her parents and announced that she never actually graduated from high school. Her parents laughed it off because they were there at graduation, but Alexis noted that they may have been there but she wasn’t. Johnny didn’t believe what his daughter was telling him and whipped out a graduation day photo as proof.

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The only problem was that it wasn’t Alexis in the photo; it was Jess Chang. Johnny wasn’t just wrong about his daughter’s education — he was wrong about her face too.

8 Best: Johnny Was Scared But Supportive Of Alexis’ Supposed Pregnancy

Johnny, moira, and david look at a pregnancy test on schitt's creek

Johnny was shocked when he found a positive pregnancy test in David and Alexis’ bathroom trashcan. Alexis didn’t say a word to anyone in the family, so they assumed she was scared. Moira was absolutely distraught at the thought of her daughter having a child in their situation, and David found it humorous.

Johnny, on the other hand, worried about Alexis’ wellbeing. He reminded Moira and David that she needed support from her family. Between the three of them, Johnny was the only one who calmly spoke to Alexis about it and let her know he was there for her. Later, the Roses find out the pregnancy test was actually Jocelyn’s.

7 Worst: The Milk Escapades

Johnny, alexis, and roland in the truck going to the farm on schitts creek

In the second season, Johnny tries to make money by selling raw milk. He asks Alexis for help thanks to her relationship with Ted, which she was happy to do. But when Johnny came home, he found out Alexis didn’t understand the difference between pints and gallons. She spent close to $400 on milk when the family didn’t have that kind of money to throw around.

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The only thing Johnny could do was try to sell the raw milk with Roland’s help. But since selling unpasteurized, raw milk was illegal, Johnny blamed Alexis for the entire mixup. And sadly, Alexis didn’t understand where she went wrong.

6 Best: Johnny Was Protective Of Alexis When She Started Dating Again

Alexis rose cries into johnnys shoulder on schitt's creek

When Ted and Alexis broke up for good in season 6, she was heartbroken. The only way to take her mind off of Ted was to date again. Moira and Johnny were proud of Alexis for putting herself out there, but that response changed when they found out she was dating someone older than Johnny. Johnny had a stern conversation with her new beau, which resulted in him breaking up with Alexis. Alexis was so mad at her dad that she began to cry, but it wasn’t for the reasons Johnny suspected. Alexis was really crying because she was heartbroken over Ted. The realization that his daughter was hurting deeper than he realized pained Johnny. It was a tender moment seeing him cradle her as she cried. 

5 Worst: Alexis Tried Ditching Johnny Multiple Times

Alexis making a funny face at David on schitt's creek

From season 1 to season 6, Alexis tried escaping Schitt’s Creek (and her family) on multiple occasions. At first, she tried leaving as soon as she got to the motel because she couldn’t fathom living there. She begged her boyfriend to pick her up but he failed to do so. At this point, It didn’t matter to her that her family would be stuck there and suffering as long as she got out free.

Alexis later tried escaping town when Ted had a conference in Chicago, but once again, that trip was canceled. And finally, Alexis had another exit planned when Ted said he was moving to the Galápagos Islands. Only this time, Alexis grew closer with her dad and family and felt bad leaving them. Nevertheless, it never bothered Alexis that Johnny needed her to stick around until her final days in Schitt’s Creek. 

4 Best: Alexis’ First Day Of School

Alexis' first day of high school on schitts creek. Johnny and the family drop her off

Alexis was nervous for her first day of high school. It had been years since she was in that kind of environment and a lot was riding on her diploma. To ensure that Alexis had a good first day, Johnny and co. personally drove Alexis to the front of the school and saw her off, with Johnny expressing her good wishes. Sure, Alexis was embarrassed but it was the thought that counts. He was reliving moments he never had a chance to experience in the past. 

3 Worst: He Redid Her Paper For School

Johnny and alexis arguing out front of the motel on schitts creek

At the end of Alexis’ school year, she had a big paper due and she wanted to do well on it. For once, Alexis was betting on herself. Johnny was proud of his daughter when he saw her writing her paper, but when he looked over her shoulder and saw what she was writing, he realized that she would need to do better if she was looking for a high grade. 

While she slept, Johnny combed through the paper and polished it without her realizing it. And sadly, Jocelyn knew the paper wasn’t written by Alexis after reading it. This resulted in Alexis having to rewrite the paper or she failed the class. If it wasn’t for her dad, she at least would have had an honest grade the first time around.

2 Best: Moira’s Nudes

Johnny, alexis, and david look confused at the motel in schitts creek

In “Moira’s Nudes,” Johnny confided in Alexis that they were in need of more money. He didn’t have enough to pay their tab at Cafe Tropical and begged Alexis not to tell anyone. Alexis sweetly asked her father what she could do to help the family. The two had their own little secret. Eventually, David found out and helped his dad financially but seeing her dad in such a bad shape inspired Alexis to get her own job. She even wrote Johnny a sweet card letting him know that she was there for him. 

1 Worst: They Knew Nothing About Each Other Until They Lost It All

The roses have a sleepover in the motel on schitts creek

As hilarious as the Roses were when they were taken in by Schitt’s Creek, it was troubling by how little the family knew each other. Every time Alexis opened her mouth, Johnny was stunned by the experiences she had. He didn’t know she had a tattoo, who she dated, her obvious neglect for her education, or all of the countries she had been to unsupervised. His facial expressions said it all when Alexis talked about her past. Up until the later seasons, Johnny wasn’t the best father and Alexis wasn’t the greatest daughter. 

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