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Johnny Bananas Calls Out The ‘Gimmicks’ in Reality TV


Celebrity Sleepover host Johnny “Bananas” Devenanzio shared thoughts on why reality TV isn’t as good as it used to be in this Screen Rant exclusive.

Johnny “Bananas” Devenanzio has been a familiar face in reality television for nearly twenty years. Now as the host of Celebrity Sleepover, Johnny is looking back at how much the scene has changed since he first got started. During an exclusive chat with Screen Rant, The Challenge champion explained why reality TV isn’t as good as it used to be.

After years of getting down and dirty in grueling obstacles and building shady cast alliances, Johnny took a break from competing in The Challenge to transition into hosting. With his new show, longtime fans get to see Johnny in a new lighthearted setting. Seated inside his living room wearing pajamas and interviewing guests. With him getting a chance to catch up with the cast of The Challenge: All-Stars and The Real World: Homecoming, their talk was very nostalgic for the MTV veteran. As an alum to both franchises, Johnny knows firsthand what it takes to make a good reality show.

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While speaking exclusively with Screen Rant, the Total Madness champion got candid when explaining how much the genre has changed over the last two decades.  “I feel like with reality TV now, we’ve gotten away from what makes reality TV good,” Johnny said. “You don’t need a lot of gimmicks and bells and whistles. Reality has always been stranger than fiction.” When it comes to The Real World: Homecoming, viewers got to see the original cast from season one reunite in the same loft they lived in back in 1992. The show has received rave reviews from fans who are hoping to see more Real Worlders return.

The Challenge I'm Johnny Bananas

Johnny touched on the success of the reunion show amid today’s current wave of reality TV shows. “Just by putting them back in a loft, they’re sitting on the couch and Eric Nies is Zooming in – and somehow that is the most entertaining TV,” Johnny added. “Just listening to them talk and discuss things and hash out their problems and their issues that everyone can relate to so is great.” He noted how “amazing” his interview with the cast was. The Challenge champion also has the option of competing in the new All-Stars spinoff.

He dished on what his interview was like with a few members of the cast. “And we just had The Challenge cast on yesterday, from All Stars we had Mark, Syrus, and Trishelle. And again, we did a really fun trivia game, and we had a surprise guest pop in who no one was expecting – not even me,” he shared. “So, it’s just really cool to be able to have not just the new celebrity guests that I’ve never met, but also be able to have my people on and people that come from my world.” The options are endless when it comes to Johnny’s next career move and he staying true to the essence of what makes for a good show.

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