JonBenét Ramsey May Have Been Killed Over a Bowl of Pineapple, According to a Theory

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The alibi given by JonBenét’s dad and mom acknowledged they returned residence from a Christmas occasion, and JonBenét and Burke went to mattress instantly after, in response to Bustle. Nevertheless, the post-mortem might have mentioned in any other case. The coroner, John Meyer, apparently discovered pineapple in JonBenét’s Ramsey’s abdomen, which suggests she might have eaten after getting back from the occasion, and apparently, a bowl of pineapple and milk was discovered within the Ramsey kitchen. Nevertheless, her mom, Patsy, denied JonBenét’s pineapple consumption.

Many consider that Burke was consuming that bowl of pineapple as a late-night snack, in response to Vice, and apparently, in archived interviews, he is acknowledged that he and JonBenét Ramsey beloved pineapple. Nevertheless, when requested in regards to the bowl of fruit in query, Burke apparently pretended to not acknowledge the bowl and appeared nervous when it was talked about.

Primarily based on theories that Burke had been repeatedly violent towards his sister, and as a result of reality he apparently hit her with a golf membership every week earlier than her loss of life, specialists consider he might have hit her with a blunt object after she snatched a bit of pineapple for herself, by accident or purposefully, cracking her cranium and killing her. 

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