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Jordan Won’t Reappear On Show If Ex-Fianceé Tori Is There

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Although Tori said she wanted to compete on The Challenge with her ex, Jordan Wiseley has no intention of joining a season with his former fiancée.

Although Tori Deal has said it would “be amazing” to compete on The Challenge alongside her ex-fiancé Jordan Wiseley, Jordan doesn’t agree. In fact, he has no plans to return to The Challenge at all if Tori is there. Immediately following their split, both Jordan and Tori remained fairly tight-lipped about their breakup. But following Tori’s interview with Chicks in the Office, Jordan is breaking his silence about the current state of their relationship.

Jordan and Tori first met in 2017 on The Challenge XXX: Dirty 30. At the time, Tori was in a relationship with someone else. While she first built a friendship with Jordan, Tori wound up hooking up with her new crush by the end of the season. Tori ended her relationship and decided to pursue a romance with Jordan. Then, on War of the Worlds 2, Jordan proposed to Tori after an elimination win. However, their happiness was short-lived. By late 2020, just before the next season of The Challenge, Jordan and Tori announced their breakup on Instagram.

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Now, Jordan is speaking up about his relationship with his fellow Challenge star. In a recent interview with Danny Pellegrino, Jordan discussed some of the current drama going down between him and Tori (via YouTube). While they initially ended the relationship on good terms, comments following the breakup have left a bad taste in his mouth. Considering the drama of an ended engagement, Danny asked if Jordan got calls from The Challenge about returning to do a season with Tori. While Jordan admitted he was contacted, he flat-out said, “I’m not going back with Tori.” 

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Tori Deal and Jordan Wiseley The Challenge

Jordan went on to explain his decision, expressing that he has no control over the narrative on reality TV. “It’s not that I want to win this,” Jordan explained. “I was so hurt by the way the Tori and I all broke apart because, number one thing, it cheapened all of it.” Jordan went on to say that he and Tori had serious conversations about their future and suggested the resulting drama of their breakup made their relationship seem like just another reality TV storyline. “This is my best friend, I trusted her, and now I have pie on my face,” Jordan explained.

Jordan also revealed he and Tori separated two months before their official statement and agreed, at the time, to avoid doing interviews talking about the split. However, when Jordan saw Tori’s recent interview about their breakup, he was frustrated by the lack of accuracy in some of her statements. While Tori claimed they broke up before she went on The Challenge, Jordan claimed that was “news to me.” Jordan also said he has re-entered the dating scene, but didn’t give any further information about his current dating life.

For a while, it seemed both Jordan and Tori were going to be incredibly mature about their breakup. However, that all fell apart when Tori was caught flirting with Fessy Shafaat on The Challenge: Double Agents, which was filmed before her breakup with Jordan. Now, Tori seems to be trying to save her image, but Jordan has no intention of letting her spread false information. No matter how this drama ends, it’s clear that Tori and Jordan won’t be competing on The Challenge together any time in the near future.

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