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Jovi & Yara Dragged For Awful Quality Cameo Video


Jovi and Yara provided an “awful quality” video to a fan. After the negative review, their Cameo dropped from a perfect 5-star rating to 4.9.

A 90 Day Fiance fan isn’t happy with the quality of the Cameo video they received from Jovi Dufren and Yara Zaya. Earlier, the couple had a perfect rating, but this review has dropped by a point. It comes as a surprise because the couple was earlier celebrated for showing off their true selves on Cameo. A 90 Day Fiance fan posted Jovi and Yara’s adorable Cameo video on Reddit and appreciated the fact that they are really happy together.

In the video, Jovi wished the fan a happy anniversary and hoped they would have as many anniversaries as them. But then, he joked about divorce with his wife. It was surprising to see that Yara, who is always complaining, took this joke lightly. She chuckled and hit Jovi on his chest playfully. This video showed fans a different side of the couple as it appeared like they have a cute, friendly, and cheerful relationship. A few fans admitted that they don’t like Yara and Jovi, but they said that the video was very cute.

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However, some fans couldn’t understand what the Ukrainian native said in the video. It was difficult for them to understand her foreign accent. Another fan seems quite disappointed with Jovi and Yara’s latest Cameo. The fan left a negative review on their Cameo page, which has made their rating 4.9 out of 5 stars. The disappointed fan called the Cameo video “pretty awful quality.” They claimed that Jovi and Yara knew that it was not up to the mark, so they offered to redo it. However, when the fan requested it, they never got back.

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Jovi asks for $50 per message, and he has recorded about 40 Cameo videos. Except for this one negative review, he always gets a perfect 5-star rating. One of his fans’ reviews read, “Jovi absolutely killed it my mom and grandma are going to LOVE.” Another positive comment read, “My wife was blown away by the messages from Jovi and Yara. Jovi went above and beyond on my request.” Jovi’s mother and the highly celebrated supporting cast member, Gwen Eymard, is available on the platform after popular demand.

Another 90 Day Fiance fan who has received a couple of negative reviews on Cameo is Rosemarie Vega. She is one of the most popular and beloved stars of the franchise. However, some of her Cameo videos failed to impress her fans. Since English isn’t her first language, a negative review said she couldn’t pronounce the important names properly. Someone also complained that it looked like she was reading from a paper. Such reviews have lowered her rating on Cameo from 5 to 4.8. But, she still has a massive loyal following of 90 Day Fiance fans on every social platform, especially YouTube.

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