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Jovi’s Work Traveling Defended By Fans Amid Yara Drama

Jovi Dufren and Baby Mylah

Jovi Dufren broke the news to Yara Zaya that he would be traveling for months. However, many viewers think the new dad was making the right choice.

Yara Zaya found herself in tears on 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After? due to her husband Jovi Dufren’s words, but many viewers believed Jovi was in the right. The Louisiana party boy has previously been criticized for his immaturity and penchant for strippers and booze. However, Jovi’s career in underwater mechanics has been supported by fans. Many viewers took Jovi’s side when he broke the news to new mom Yara that his work would take him away from home for an extended time.

Jovi and Yara were the most anticipated 90 Day Fiancé couple to appear on season 6 of Happily Ever After. Many viewers are eager to see how the Ukrainian-American couple adapts to being new partners to adorable baby Mylah. However, the couple has already run into some conflict. Yara is a nervous new mom who is anxious to ever leave her baby and hand over any parenting duties to her mother-in-law, Gwen. However, the Ukrainian woman will have to learn to stand back and accept help since Jovi broke the news on Sunday night’s episode that he is leaving in a few days for work in Guyana for several months. The revelation caused the American to fear that Yara might head back to Ukraine in his absence.

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The official 90 Day Fiance Instagram shared a clip of Jovi and Yara from the new episode with the caption, “All Alone. Yara is devastated when Jovi breaks the news he has to return to work early…and it gets her thinking about all the new baby firsts he’s going to miss.” “I am not ready to stay alone,” Yara told Jovi in the clip before bursting into tears and voicing that she didn’t want Jovi to leave her. However, Jovi explained to the camera that he needed to leave for work to quarantine properly. Some viewers thought Yara was being ungrateful. “Yara, count your blessings. Jovi has a VERY good job!! He is a GRRAT provider,” one commenter wrote. Others sympathized with Jovi since he was the one who had to leave while Yara was able to spend time with Mylah at home.

Some comments also sympathized with Yara. “She loves him… most important thing,” one commenter wrote. Yara did voice that she understood Jovi needed to leave for work to make money. However, she added that she hadn’t thought things through ahead of time and realized how much of Mylah’s life Jovi would miss for work. Some fans didn’t find that to be a valid excuse. “She knew what he does, she doesn’t mind when she spends. She gets to stay home enjoy life. he’s the one working hard for his family,” another person expressed. “Lord it’s me again. I would love to find a man that is away most of the time for work. Therefore when he is home the time would be special,” one viewer wrote.

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While many viewers sympathize with Jovi in his current situation, others side with Yara overall. Recently, some fans discussed if Jovi had trapped Yara in their marriage and limited her opportunities. However, the majority of fans find that neither Jovi nor Yara trapped their partner in their relationship. The couple consciously failed to have safe sex, which resulted in the birth of Mylah. Likewise, they made the choice to marry despite their differences. Therefore, many fans think Jovi and Yara are one 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After? couple who deserve each other.

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