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Julia Appears Unrecognizable With a Bold New Look

Trubkina Gibbs Instagram In 90 Day Fiance

Julia showed off a new fierce look, which fueled plastic surgery rumors. She shocked many fans by sporting shorter hair and larger chest.

After Rosemarie Vega, the 90 Day Fiance star Julia Trubkina is showing off her fierce side in a bold new avatar. She is sporting shorter hair and bigger boobs, which made some fans question whether she has got breast implants. It would be quite ironic because Julia was strictly against cosmetic surgery a few months ago. During 90 Day Fiance Tell-All, she shared her opinion and said that a man has to love his partner just the way she is. Julia doesn’t understand why someone would want to change their natural looks. At the time, she was dragged by many fans for her opinions.

Recently, Julia was also criticized for her overly jealous behavior towards her husband Brandon Gibbs’ female friend Melanie. Julia said that a man and woman couldn’t be friends. She asked Brandon whether Melanie was ugly or he had any romantic feelings towards her. She questioned why Melanie had been to the farm and also had an unfriendly tone throughout the conversation. It also triggered Melanie to question her intentions with Brandon. The 27-year-old beauty again got mocked for constantly asking Brandon to move out of the farm without understanding his financial situation.

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Julia is consistently losing her loyal fans, but her new bold look on Instagram might attract them. She shared a low-angle picture while wearing a black shirt and red pants. She is wearing high heels and sporting short hair. The Russian native captioned the IG post as “I love being a model❤💙.” Julia has opened a few buttons on her shirt and flaunting more cleavage. She doesn’t have such a heavy chest on the show, so it seems like she got breast augmentation surgery. A fan wrote, “While Angela was offloading her boobs, you got yours augmented.

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Someone wrote, “Definitely implants.” Julia didn’t ignore the questions and replied, “women’s days😂.” Julia also revealed her height, which is 163-165 cm. A few curious fans also asked what happened to her dream of becoming a wedding planner. Julia couldn’t reveal much since the show is still on. Still, a few critics said that every 90 Day Fiance cast member wants to be a model these days, and Julia’s style is quite “outdated.”

Somebody else said that Julia needs to work on her attitude because she called women foxy and acted overly jealous towards Brandon’s childhood freind Melanie. A few fans think that Julia and Brandon want very different things in their lives, and they might decide to split after a while. They might appear incompatible on the show; they are definitely madly in love with each other off-screen. Brandon recently shared an adorable behind the scenes picture in which his hand rested inside his wife’s shirt. It looked like the couple fell asleep while recording 90 Day Fiance confessionals.

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