Just in Case You Were Wondering: What Happens if a President Elect Dies?

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As Individuals in all probability spent that historic day scrolling the information for reactions and extra info, they might have additionally been questioning one thing extra morbid: What if the president-elect dies? In any case, Biden is almost 78 years outdated (the typical life expectancy for males within the U.S. is 76, and Biden will the oldest president the U.S. has ever had). 

So, what occurs if a president elect dies?

Whereas Biden seems to be in good well being and exhibits no indicators of sickness, it is good to know what technically occurs if the president-elect dies earlier than getting formally sworn in. If Biden dies between now and Dec. 14 (the day all states’s electoral voters formally forged their ballots), what would more than likely occur is the DNC would nominate a alternative candidate, and that will more than likely be the president-elect’s operating mate, which is Kamala Harris.

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Nonetheless, if the president-elect dies earlier than the electoral votes are recorded and authorized, members of Congress might technically object any state’s tally — and that state’s votes might go to a unique individual. However that will be worst-case situation. In keeping with The Los Angeles Occasions, the VP would extra possible than not develop into the president of the U.S. in both situation. And in the event you’re questioning: The probability of the presidency going again to Trump is fairly low, though he’d little question battle for it.

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Throughout the time interval after the Congressional certification and earlier than inauguration day, the 20th modification is meant to kick in. It says “if, on the time mounted for the start of the time period of the president, the president elect shall have died, the vice chairman elect shall develop into president.”

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Fortunately, Biden’s well being was described as “vigorous” and he takes additional precautions in relation to COVID-19 — in contrast to Trump and his admin. Biden does not drink or smoke, and he reportedly works out 5 days every week. He weighs 178 kilos and his blood stress is a stable 128/84. 

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“An older one that has an lively way of life and is constantly being challenged cognitively can fulfill these duties. Somebody who’s 95 might have the reminiscence of somebody who’s a number of many years youthful,” Richard Dupee, MD, chief of geriatrics at Tufts Medical Heart, stated. 

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Actually, odds are, Biden wouldn’t solely survive one time period, however two. In keeping with an instructional paper by the American Federation for Getting old Analysis, “Biden has a 79 % likelihood of residing via a primary time period and 70 % likelihood of surviving via a second time period.”

So, at the moment, carry on celebrating. Biden is right here to remain. 

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