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Kate Bishop’s Greatest Trickshot Needs To Be in The MCU

The Marvel Cinematic Universe needs to include Kate Bishop using Hawkeye’s greatest trickshot with the boomerang arrow like she did in the comics.

With Kate Bishop joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe in the upcoming Hawkeye Disney+ series, it would be the perfect time to bring in one of Hawkeye’s silliest arrows and trick shots. In the Hawkeye comic the upcoming show is based on, Clint Barton is particularly proud of his boomerang arrow, much to the confusion of Kate – however, she soon finds out it’s actually pretty useful.

Hailee Steinfeld will join the MCU’s previous Hawkeye, Jeremy Renner, for a new series centered around Barton and Bishop. Hawkeye will reportedly be heavily influenced by Matt Fraction and David Aja’s excellent run on Hawkeye, which featured the two archers teaming up together to fight a group of gangsters threatening the apartment building Clint’s living in. In the arc, he defends his neighborhood alongside Kate and his one-eyed dog, Pizza Dog. While the MCU’s previous characterization will likely change Kate and Clint’s relationship and his living arrangements, it still would benefit from borrowing heavily from Aja and Fraction’s run. One moment ripe for adaptation is when Clint shows Kate his boomerang arrow.

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In Hawkeye #3 by Matt Fraction, David Aja, Matt Hollingsworth, and Chris Eliopoulos, Clint decides to finally organize his arrow collection. Readers are shown a handful of arrows in Hawkeye’s quiver in the issue, including the net arrow, bola arrow, acid arrow, putty arrow, sonic arrow, explosive tip arrow, smoke bomb arrow, rocket arrow, suction-tip arrow, electro arrow, and most importantly, the boomerang arrow. Kate is perplexed on why Clint would need a boomerang arrow in the first place, which he responds by telling her it needs to be respected because “boomerangs.”

Kate Bishop Boomerang Arrow

However, after a car chase with a group of gangsters, Clint is knocked to the ground and has a gun pointed to his head. He tells Kate, who’s got her bow drawn at the villain, to “loose the arrow.” Kate responds with “fine” and fires an arrow into the sky. The gangster laughs as he thinks she’s missed her shot, but it turns out Kate used Clint’s boomerang arrow, and it nails him in the back of the neck. A proud Hawkeye states, “Boomerang arrow. It comes back to you in the end.”

Hawkeye Boomerang Arrow

Kate’s initial confusion at the usefulness of the boomerang arrow makes the moment she uses it to knock out the gangster that much better. Once she trusts it, it turns out to be the perfect remedy for the situation – even if it means she has to admit Clint was onto something with the trick arrow. The scene is both fun and hilarious and would be a perfect way to build Clint Barton and Kate Bishop’s relationship and trust in the MCU. Plus it needs to be included… because boomerangs.

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