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Kevin Smith’s Reaction To Masters of the Universe: Revelation Trailer

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Kevin Smith shares his reaction after getting to see the first teaser trailer for Netflix’s upcoming Master of the Universe: Revelation.

Kevin Smith has been hard at work with his upcoming Netflix series, Masters of the Universe: Revelation, for which he recently got to see the first teaser trailer. The series is a reboot of the classic animated show, He-Man and the Masters of the Universe, which focuses on He-Man and his cohorts fighting against the evil Skeletor. Smith is working as an executive producer on the new series, and it features the voices of Sarah Michelle Gellar, Mark Hamill, Lean Headey, Justin Long, and Kevin Conroy.

The original series ran from 1983 to 1985 with 130 episodes, inspiring a generation of young kids while simultaneously promoting their toys. Now, fans of the original series, like Smith, are working to reintroduce the characters they loved to a whole new generation of fans. The show is slated to premiere later this year, and Smith has already been dropping details to entice fans.

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On one of Smith’s recent podcasts, Fatman Beyond, he mentioned that he saw the first teaser trailer for the show and could not hold back his enthusiasm calling it, “phenomenal.” He complimented Netflix’s marketing department for their amazing work, as it inspired him to start watching the show again. While Smith was unsure of when fans would get a chance to see the trailer for themselves, he did mention that it was likely “fairly soon.” Read what Smith said about seeing the first trailer below:

But in other news, I saw the teaser trailer…which is f**king phenomenal. It’s about a minute and a half. They found a piece of music that is absolute [Chef’s kiss]… It’s wonderful. Like I know this f**king series in and out, and it made me go back and start watching it again. I was like ‘holy sh*t.’ That Netflix marketing department, they know what the fuck they’re doing, man. [… ] It’s a great spot. So I can’t say when you’re going to see it, but if I’m seeing it now, then it’s coming fairly soon.

Smith has already dropped several tidbits about the show, but no footage has been seen by the general public. With the tease of an impending first trailer, fans can hope to finally get a sense of the style and tone of the new series. While the show’s synopsis is a bit vague on plot details, it promises the show is “focusing on unresolved stories of the iconic characters, picking up where they left off decades ago.”

Netflix’s Masters of the Universe: Revelation isn’t the only He-Man project in the works either. Noah Centineo recently departed the role in the live-action film that is currently in development. The film will be the first live-action He-Man project since Dolph Lundgren’s portrayal in 1987’s Masters of the Universe. While the film has been in a bit of development hell for years, fans can rest assured that Smith’s Netflix series is not facing those same hurdles. Masters of the Universe: Revelation is nearing completion, and whether it will tie into Netflix’s She-Ra and the Princess of Power is still unclear, but fans will find out when the show debuts later this year.

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Source: Fatman Beyond

  • Masters of the Universe (2021)Release date: Mar 05, 2021

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