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Kirlyam Claps Back At Fans Shaming Her For Pregnancy Posts

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Some of Kirlyam Cox’s followers have been getting critical about her Instagram content. How did the pregnant season 1 star fire back at her haters?

Some 90 Day Fiancé fans are very opinionated about what their favorite stars should and shouldn’t post about on social media, but Kirlyam Cox of season one doesn’t care about their criticism. Kirlyam and her husband, Alan, are one of the most beloved couples from the franchise’s first season, and the Brazilian beauty has been sharing her second pregnancy with her followers on Instagram. When she started getting flak about posting so much pregnancy-related content, Kirlyam had some choice words to say in response.

Kirlyam and Alan have an eight-year age gap, but fans were initially wary to learn that 19-year-old Allan met Kirlyam when she was just 11 years old while on his Mormon mission in Brazil. The couple didn’t develop romantic feelings until several years later. When Kirlyam was 21, Alan proposed and she moved to America. After getting married at the end of season one, Kirlyam and Alan welcomed their first child, a boy named Liam, in 2017. Then, last year, Kirlyam announced she was pregnant with her second child, also a boy.

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Kirlyam has been documenting her pregnancy journey on Instagram for months and it’s clear she and Alan are very excited for their new baby. The season one stars have kept followers in the loop, but apparently some 90 Day Fiancé fans have grown tired of all the pregnancy content and have started criticizing Kirlyam. The second-time mom posted another pregnancy shot and captioned it, “Some people are saying: ‘Oh gosh, she only posts about pregnancy’…Well honey, I have some news for you, I’M PREGNANT.”

Clearly, Kirlyam isn’t going to let the haters get to her, and it’s great to see her brush them off so easily. Though she has her critics, there were many fans who applauded her sass in the comments. “It’s your page, you post what you want,” one fan enthused. Many were gushing over how radiant Kirlyam looks as she prepares to welcome her second son. Her life is all about her pregnancy right now, as it should be, and if any followers don’t like it, they’re free to unfollow her.

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Most of the time, 90 Day Fiancé fans love to see their favorite couples doing well and growing their families. If nothing else, they enjoy the adorable baby pictures. However, some get too involved in the lives of the show’s stars and can become extremely critical when they see something they don’t like. Kirlyam has clearly gotten some undeserved backlash, but she’s taking it in stride and not letting the negativity get her down. After all, she has a new baby boy on the way, so who cares what anyone else has to say?

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