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Knockout City Can Be Played For Free 10 Days After Launch

Knockout City free trial begins at launch

Knockout City, the upcoming dodgeball-based competitive brawler from Velan Studios, will be free to play for ten days after its release.

Upcoming team-based action title Knockout City, developed by Velan Studios and published by Electronic Arts, will be free to play for ten days after it launches. The game will put teams of players against each other in an intense dodgeball-like competition that features various unique balls which grant special abilities. Knockout City will be published under the EA Originals label, which is used to distribute independent titles such as Rocket Arena and It Takes Two.

Knockout City recently had a gameplay trailer released. The trailer shows off the game’s stylish futuristic setting, which features both flying cars and modern graffiti art. The game is played between teams of three players who must race to retrieve balls in order to attack their opponents. Several elements of real-world dodgeball, such as catching an opponent’s ball or faking a throw to confuse opponents, are present. It has also been confirmed that the exciting new competitive title will be available on both Xbox Game Pass and EA Play when the game launches on May 21.

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Now, a brand new trailer, posted on the official Knockout City YouTube channel, reveals that the game will be free to play for the first ten days after its release on May 21. This free trial, referred to as The Block Party, will run from May 21 at 8 AM ET until May 30 at 8 AM ET. This free trial will allow players access to the entire “dodgebrawl” experience, including five maps, six special balls, and five match playlists. One trial will be available per EA account, meaning that an account will be required to play.

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The recent creation of the EA Originals label is a great way to bring independent titles into the limelight, and EA’s plans for the future do not stop there. The publisher has announced that EA Play Live, a gaming showcase dedicated exclusively to the studio’s upcoming titles, will return on July 22. The industry showcase will occur only one month after E3 2021, likely leading to comparisons from fans on both sides, and is expected to feature franchises such as Battlefield and EA Sports.

Knockout City is looking to be a fun and unique competitive action title, with the real-life rules of dodgeball combined with a number of futuristic and fantasy elements. A free trial launching on the game’s release date may seem unorthodox, but this strategy may be a perfect way for EA to pull in players who will then pay full price once the trial is finished.

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Knockout City will release on May 21 for PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC.

Source: Knockout City/YouTube

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