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Kody Criticized for Failing to Nurture His Relationships


Sister Wives star and husband of four, Kody Brown has been criticized for failing to nurture his relationships throughout the years with his spouses.

Kody Brown, star of Sister Wives and husband of four, has been attacked by viewers for failing to nurture his relationships throughout the years with his spouses. Many feel he has not only dropped the ball when it comes to his marriage but also let his wives down.

Sister Wives first began as a wholesome TLC show that aimed to show a family’s struggle with living the life they wanted to and the law. The Brown family all lived together under one roof in Lehi, Utah. But they were forced to run away to sin city after a tipoff that Kody may be arrested.  While the family seemed to be happy enough Kody made the decision to uproot his family once more and move them to Flagstaff. He already has his mind made up and did not listen to the concerns of his four wives, which caused a major strain in all of their relationships.

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Kody made it perfectly clear on the season finale that he is not in love with some of his wives, telling cameras, Romance and sex are saved — in my world — for people who are in love.” This dig was made at his first wife, Meri Brown, but fans felt it resonated loudly throughout his partnerships. There have always been problems but the patriarch just added new wives instead of getting to the root of the issues. Kody seems to have switched off from love and is just looking for a way to survive, according to fans on Reddit.

Sister Wives- Kody Brown Meri, Janelle, Christine and Robyn

TLC fans feel that Kody gives up too easily when it comes to his relationships. He lacks the motivation to nurture them and prioritize the ones in need. He is often accused of favoring his fourth wife, Robyn Brown, and many feel this will be his downfall. Christine Brown has openly contemplated leaving Kody this season since she too, is at her wit’s end.  

Kody needs to take time and express interest in his four wives’ interest instead of putting his hand in the sand like an ostrich. Taking the time now will only make his relationships stronger. But after this season, it feels as if Kody has just given up and is willing to settle for a few separations. Sister Wives fans are not impressed with a man who once preached all about family and is now willing to throw all his hard work away. While many always felt he was selfish, he is easily proving their point this last season. 

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