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Kortni Gilson Updates Fans On Mental Health Struggles

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Kortni Gilson, former star of Floribama Shore, recently posted an update for her followers detailing the hard times she has been going through.

Kortni Gilson is doing her best to be open and honest with her fans after her time on Floribama Shore, even when things aren’t going that great. While Kortni starred on the MTV series for the first three seasons, it was obvious that her mental health was in a steady decline. She chose not to return to the show for season four, and instead has been laser-focused on her mental health. She has shared her journey openly with her fans, and her latest update gave her followers a peek into how she’s dealing with another rough patch in her life.

On Floribama Shore, Kortni was known for her excessive drinking, quick temper, and messy behavior. But as the seasons went on, Kortni’s actions became less funny and more concerning. It was obvious there was something going on under the surface for the reality star. Kortni’s struggles came to a head during season three, when she had a full breakdown while filming and confessed a prior sexual assault to her fellow castmates and the production crew. In the aftermath of the confession, Kortni decided to exit the series to focus on healing herself after such a traumatic experience.

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Since leaving the show, Kortni has been very open on Instagram about her mental health journey and the struggles associated with it. Recently, she updated fans about some of the negative things currently happening in her life and how they have affected her, though she managed to maintain a positive mindset. In an Instagram photo posted on May 4, Kortni delved into her current issues. “I get a lot of messages from you guys asking me how am I happy all of the time,” she said. “And the truth is I’m not. I definitely have my days where I’ve fallen off my path.” Kortni went on to say that everything seems to go wrong all at once, and that certainly seems to be the case for her over the past few months.

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Kortni continued to describe some of her recent struggles. She said she was in a toxic relationship that she eventually had to leave for her own health. She lost a family member, a friend, and a family friend in just one week. Her dog is dealing with health issues, and she has been dealing with sinus infections that are affecting her own health. However, Kortni refused to let the bad experiences get her down. “I’m trying to find the beauty in these experiences life has been throwing at me,” Kortni wrote. “And honestly it makes me learn more about myself so I am thankful even though it’s been kicking my ass lately.” She went on to say that she is setting new goals for herself, including continuing to share her experience instead of isolating herself during bad times.

Kortni ended her update with a positive word for her followers. “My message for you guys today is don’t get discouraged when life knocks you down. Stand up and keep going!” It’s clear the Kortni of today is far removed from her chaotic personality on the show. While the former reality star is certainly going through a lot, she still managed to add a glimmer of hope for anyone else who might be struggling. Her growth is obvious, affirming the idea that it was a good choice to leave Floribama Shore. Hopefully, Kortni can continue to make strides towards her healing, even when it seems like everything around her is falling apart.

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