Larry the Cable Guy Roasts His Family Members in His New Comedy Special

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Within the particular, Larry additionally particulars the food plan his spouse has him on. “I can have one cheat day,” he explains. “So I can have a hamburger with the cheese and the bun sooner or later every week… or any time I drive by a fast-food restaurant when she’s not with me within the automobile.”

He recounts a time when he snuck some cereal in the course of the night time when he bought away from bed to cease the couple’s canine from barking. “I’m going down there, [and] I’m kinda hungry, [so] I pour a bit bowl of Cap’n Crunch down there,” he says. “I hear, ‘Get out of the Cap’n Crunch!’ What the hell?”

And the punchline: “I ought to have barked after I poured that Cap’n Crunch in there, is what I ought to have executed!”

Larry the Cable Man: Stay Seated is now streaming on Netflix.

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