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Latest GTA 6 Rumours Suggested No More Involvement Of Former CJ Voice Actor

GTA 6 Rumours

After the release of GTA 5 a few years ago, people have been wondering about when they will get GTA 6. Without any doubt, we could say that the Grand Theft Auto franchise is of the biggest gaming series which already has five parts. Therefore, since there is no news from the Rockstar Games about the release of GTA 6, a number of rumors are continually roaming everywhere.

Recently, the huge detail revealed about the upcoming GTA 6 that the former CJ- a popular character of the game is coming in the next Grand Theft Auto 6. Just like every other rumor, it’s also a minor GTA 6 rumor, which indicates that Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas character CJ making a return.

Talking about the character CJ was voiced by Chris Bellard, he is not involved in any project of Rockstar Games. Bellard is very popular for his music career, and he also is known as “Maylay”. He also told that if the studio wishes to return the CJ character back, then they will have to find another person for the CJ’s voice. He didn’t reveal the reason for not involving with the studio, but it seems like Bellard doesn’t good time with the Rockstar Games according to his Instagram post. Here’s what he wrote “To kill the rumors! Im not involved in GTA VI at all.. Fucc @Rockstargames period.. CJ will have to be voiced by another MF but not me IDGAF what yall heard.” After that, on one reply, he said: “corporate companies exploit us.”

After the members of SAG-AFTRA’s dispute with the studio, this is another exploitation by the gaming industry. Well, hope Bellard and Rockstar Games also work through it and come together to make the game better and win everyone’s heart. 

Earlier, we also discussed that GTA 6 theme could be based on Jamaica, Colombia, and expected that the sixth installment of GTA would arrive in November-December of 2020. So, are you excited about the upcoming GTA 6 part? What more you want to see in the game? If you have anything to share, please do share it in the comment box.

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