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Lauren Kettering Dated THIS TikTok Star

In a YouTube video posted by former Sway Home member Josh Richards, he claimed that Lauren is definitely an ex of Chase Hudson’s. 

“Look who it’s, each of Chase’s exes — what’s up?” Josh begins the video, introducing Lauren and Cynthia Parker, who Chase dated earlier than his relationship with Charli D’Amelio.

When Lauren tried to disclaim it, each Josh and Cynthia laughed, claiming she was “undoubtedly” an ex of his.

She clarified that they are mates, which prompted each Josh and Cynthia to say “f–k Chase,” probably as a result of latest bout of drama he had with the Sway Home members.

Lauren stands by the very fact she and Chase have by no means dated, although the pair did go to a homecoming dance collectively (it was Chase’s first faculty dance). If there’s extra to the rumors in regards to the two of them, they’ve determined to maintain that info to themselves. 

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