Legends’ Dating? Here’s What We Know

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There hasn’t been any confirmation the two are dating. What fans are seeing, though, is their bond grow as the 11th season of MasterChef: Legends comes to a close. On the show’s subreddit, one poster wants to know for sure if they are together.

The poster said that by watching the contestants’ audition tapes, they concluded neither one of them was in a relationship. Although, another person says Alejandro and Suu are married to other people.

Other people have been pointing out how close Alejandro and Suu are, with one person saying, “they seem super touchy all the time.” They hold hands throughout the show and try and do their best for one another. Someone on Twitter even said that their relationship is “goals.”

Another fan didn’t believe this to be the case. Instead, they said that Suu and Alejandro don’t have a connection romantically, but they bond because they have a history with immigration into the U.S. They may understand each other in a way the other contestants don’t.

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