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Let’s Have Netflix Party To Binge-Watch With Your Friends During This Coronavirus Lockdown

Netflix Party

Since the world is facing the horrible Coronavirus pandemic and everyone is forced into segregation, I guess you would be missing your friends and family. Living in isolation is hell. But you could have fun with friends (from another place) with Netflix Party even if you are locked down in your country.

That sounds cool, don’t you think so? While some countries like China, Italy, Iran, and Canada are completely locked, people prefer to watch movies and TV shows on a digital platform. And the great thing is we have the way to binge-watch your favorite shows or movies with your friends (who is also locked down somewhere else) with the help of Netflix Party Google Chrome extension. 

What’s the Netflix Party?

Yes, the Netflix Party is one free Google Chrome extension “a new way to watch Netflix”. If all your friends want to watch movies or TV shows on Netflix together whole seating in another corner of the world, then everyone should download Netflix Party extension on their Google Chrome. It’s the best way to let multiple people from all around the world to watch Netflix together while self-isolating. 

If you are wondering how to use Netflix Party to watch with your friends, then here’s the full guide to do it.

Note: As we said above that Netflix Party allow several people at a time to watch Netflix together whether you are locked down or quarantined, make sure that you have the Netflix subscription account and Google browser on your computer. 

How to download and use Netflix Party

Step #1: Open the Google Chrome browser on your PC.

Step #2: In Google Search, search for Netflix Party Google Extension or click here to download directly. 

Step #3: Next, click on “Add to Chrome” button and then “Add Extension”.

Netflix Party

Step #4: Once it installed, visit the Netflix website and select any show or movie you want to watch with your friends from another corner. 

Step #5: Now, you will have to create a party by clicking on the “NP” icon at the right top side of the browser. 

Netflix Party

Step #6: After clicking NP, you will need to click “Start Party” to create the link and then share it with your friends.

Netflix Party

Note: Please make sure that they have installed Netflix Party on their computer.

Step #5: To join the party, your friends need to click the link, and then it will redirect then to the official Netflix website.

Step #6: When you are on the Netflix page, you should click on the NP button next to the address bar, and then your Netflix Party will get a start. 

That’s it!

Bonus Point 

The bonus point is once you start the Netflix Party, you will also be able to chat with your friend via Netflix Party while streaming on your device. So you don’t need any other device to send messages. The video chat while streaming feature is still under development, maybe we will see this feature soon. Till that, it is the best idea to watch Netflix with your friends around the world with the Netflix Party during the period of COVID-19.

Once after watching movies and shows on Netflix Party with your friends from another corner of the world, do not forget to share your experience in the comment box. 

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