Live Bingo VS Online Bingo Halls-What’s the Difference?

Live Bingo VS Online Bingo Halls-What’s the Difference?

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Bingo has been around for close to a century now. You might remember seeing your granny playing bingo with their friends in the evenings. Of course, with the evolution of the internet, many industries have shifted to online platforms. Online bingo is now popular with players having the option of playing from the comfort of their gadgets.

Frankly, both the traditional bingo halls and online bingo halls offer a fun gaming experience. Perhaps you want to know how live bingo VS bingo halls compare for you as a gamer?

Well, bingo halls started all the fun. It presented opportunities for people to socialize with friends, with the added advantage of playing and even winning huge prizes. Even with the digital shift, there are still some advantages that are keeping bingo halls in gaming:

Advantages of live bingo halls

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They provide an opportunity for socializing

Traditional bingo halls provide an excellent opportunity to leave the house and meet up with friends and other locals. They are the perfect spot to meet new people and talk about similar topics of interest, such as the weekly news. The social feel in traditional bingo halls still holds all these years later.

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Instant payouts

One of the best things about traditional bingo halls is that you do not have to wait for your money to be processed before getting to your account. Essentially, you leave the bingo night with all your winnings.

You can have snacks and meals

Most bingo halls have snacks available for people to enjoy as they play the games. It is always a good idea to play and catch up over some drinks and a snack.

You can enjoy the game the old-fashioned way

Frankly, traditional bingo halls are the perfect place to play in, for old times’ sake. They allow players to enjoy the physical game. It is always fun to hear and share in other players’ excitement. The competitive atmosphere in the halls adds more spice to the games.

Advancements in technology and the invention of the internet have seen many leisure activities move to online platforms. Online bingo has provided a digitized and convenient twist to the popular game. The craze over online bingo is there for a reason. Here are some advantages of online bingo:

Advantages of online bingo halls

You can enjoy games in the comfort of your home

With online bingo, you do not have to leave the house. No need to dress up to enjoy a game. No kind of bad weather can deter you from playing the game because you can play right there in your house.

You can game 24/7

Every few minutes, there is a game starting. There will always be a game taking place, whichever time of day you want to play.

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There are many sites to pick from

Nowadays, there are numerous online bingo sites. A player has many options to pick from, and they can select the site they prefer most.

You can pre-buy tickets

With online bingo games, there is no fear of missing out on your favorite games. You can always pre-buy tickets. One of the best things about online bingo is that the sites will recognize your ticket automatically. If you buy a winning ticket, you still win even when you are not logged in to the game.

Higher jackpots

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Online bingo is convenient, making it more accessible than land-based bingo. The high number of players in online bingo translates to higher jackpots and higher prizes.


One of the major selling points for online bingo is speed. Online bingo halls have random number generators, unlike live bingo halls that rely on human callers. That makes online bingo games more efficient, faster, and with a consistent rate of calls.

Variety of games

With online bingo, there are endless options of games to play. Unlike live bingo halls that mainly have the 75-ball and 90-ball formats. Online bingo halls have a wide variety of games as well as various options in terms of stake.

New player bonus

Nowadays, many online bingo sites have various bonuses for new players. The kinds of bonuses vary from site to site. Some of the popular bonuses are free slot spins and more bonus credits.

Wrapping up

The choice between live bingo halls and online bingo halls boils down to preference. Both are exciting entertainment in different atmospheres. If you’d much rather play the game in a social setting where you can interact with other players, live bingo halls are for you. You get to see your competition and enjoy the tension. If you don’t care much for social interactions but would still fancy a good game or win, online bingo may be the convenient option. In terms of price, online bingo games are cheaper and there are many sites that offer free games. Live bingo halls, on the other hand, have higher overhead costs since they need to pay for space and other staffing costs. That makes the average cost of live bingo tickets significantly more than that for online bingo.

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