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Liz Reveals Dark Side of ‘Narcissist’ Ed After Split

Liz 90 Day The Single Life

Big Ed and Liz’s relationship is over, but the fallout is just starting. Liz took to IG with troubling new comments that paint Ed in a very bad light.

Big Ed’s relationship with Liz from 90 Day: The Single Life has crumbled, and now his former flame is spilling details about their dysfunctional dynamic. Fans never liked the two of them together and now are celebrating the couple’s breakup. However, Liz has been making troubling comments that indicate Ed was the problem in their relationship. Liz has said she’s finally ready to take a stand, and she’s not holding back what she thinks about her ex.

Liz and Big Ed began dating on The Single Life after Ed pressured her for a date, and later, a relationship. Although she was resistant at first, Liz finally came around and agreed to be Ed’s girlfriend. However, it wasn’t easy for the couple to be together; Liz was younger than Ed’s daughter Tiffany, and when the two women met, it did not go well. After being harshly criticized by Tiffany, Liz allegedly abandoned Ed in Las Vegas to fly home alone. However, according to Liz, there’s more to the story.

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On Instagram, Liz revealed that in Las Vegas, Tiffany and her friend were making rude comments about Liz, and because Ed was “oblivious” to what was happening, Liz decided to leave the club they were at. But Liz said that “Ed tried to pick a fight in old town Las Vegas in front of a crown[sic] asking me what was wrong and I didn’t want people recording us,” and she begged him to talk about it later. Once back at the hotel, “Ed was so upset” that he called the airline to book a ticket home and left the room. Liz claims she didn’t know if he booked the ticket or not, so she got herself a $400 ticket home and left.

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Liz has opened up that even her friends didn’t want her dating Ed and had warned her about the red flags they saw in him. She’s apparently seen those flags for herself and posted a very telling quote in her stories. “At the beginning of the relationship, the narcissist will get to know you very well. He will want to know everything about you,” the quote reads. “You truly open up to him and share everything,” it continues. “But then the mask slips, you realize that he uses those things against you.

The couple seemed to get along alright on 90 Day: The Single Life, but since they split outside of the show, their relationship looks to have gotten more contentious. Ed has already been spotted with other women and Liz has unfollowed him on social media. Fans were surprised that Liz spoiled the ending of their season with news that they broke up, but she’s since said she’s “tired of being walked all over. By Ed’s behavior and TLC.” It’s likely that Liz is just getting started spilling the tea, and fans will probably hear more from her in the near future.

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