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Lobo is DC’s Worst Dad in New Comics Preview

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Lobo just may be the worst dad in the DC Universe, and this June, his daughter Crush sets out looking for him a new eight issue miniseries!

Lobo is DC’s worst dad in a special preview for Crush and Lobo, a new eight-issue miniseries from writer Mariko Tamaki, artist Amancay Nahuelpan, colorist Tamra Bonvillain and letterer Ariana Maher that will debut this June. The series sees him team with his daughter Crush.

Originally intended as a riff on characters such as Wolverine and the Punisher, Lobo first appeared in 1983’s Omega Men #3 and was created by writer Roger Slifer and artist Keith Giffen. A native of the planet Czarnia, Lobo is a ruthless bounty hunter with many powers, including super strength and durability, as well as enhanced senses. He has tangled with a number of DC heroes over the years, especially Superman, whose strength level Lobo comes close to matching. Despite being a parody, Lobo proved popular in his own right, and became one of DC’s most popular characters in the early 1990s. Crush, his daughter, first appeared in Teen Titans Special #1 in 2018. She is only half-Czarnian, and her other half is human. Once a member of the Teen Titans, she has since left the group, and readers can see the next step in her life in Crush and Lobo.

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According to a press release from DC, Crush’s life has fallen apart since leaving the Titans. She is on the outs with her girlfriend Katie, and if that was not enough she learns her father is in space jail. Initially indifferent to the news about her father, Crush decides to set out and confront her dad. Along the way, she will run into enemies both old and new, and sort out her feelings for her girlfriend. It will be a journey of self-discovery for Crush, and readers will get to see it starting this June.

Crush, Lobo, Dan Hipp
Crush, Lobo
Crush, Lobo
Crush, Lobo
Crush, Lobo
Crush, Lobo

Lobo is not a nice guy. He massacred every other member of his race and has a reputation for being one of the fiercest bounty hunters in the DC Universe. The fact that he is a terrible dad should not come as a surprise. How will Lobo react when Crush shows up to see him in jail? Will she be responsible for breaking him out? And what of Crush’s human mother? Her identity still has not been revealed—will readers learn who it is in this mini-series?

Kris Anka will provide the cover for the first issue, with Yoshi Yoshitani providing a Pride variant.  Christian Ward provides a 1:25 variant. There will also be a special Dan Hipp team variant as well. Lobo just may be the worst dad in the DC Universe, and this June readers can see his daughter Crush embark on a quest to reconcile with him and find herself along the way. Crush and Lobo will be available in print and digital this June.

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