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Local law enforcement officer creates a communication device for enhanced safety

rsz sheepdog life line

Communication comes as a critical part of law enforcement service. This particular need is what inspired Logan Lange, local sheriff, to design a gadget that adds enhanced safety features to their protocol for work-related accidents. According to Lange, he was inspired by a work-based incident that occurred with his co-workers. The officials ended up being the part of a scuffle during which the mics attached to their radio comms popped off and delayed the response time for communication to the emergency dispatchers.

This is why Lange created the “Sheepdog Life Line,” which is a small device made of rubber that clips duly to the vests being worn by the officer while staying in place even during scuffles or major incidents. This name was actually inspired by the analogy that syncs with law enforcement. According to Lange, law enforcement officers are the sheepdogs that help protect a flock of sheep which in this case is the public. LifeLine is a term given to the microphone which is provided to the dispatchers & other deputies.

People from the very same profession are now taking notice of this new gadget created by Lange. This started with the creation of 3 different prototypes designed by the officer in the apartment. Today, it is popular among the officers from departments around the north as well as central Wisconsin. Soon, this gadget will be available for purchase for the officers as well as first responders all around the U.S.

As per Lange, the gadget was sent to Richard Cowell Tactical, who is the designer for the vests being worn by the officials. The feedback acquired from him was absolutely amazing. Soon, Lange is planning to start his very own website to sell his product & promote the same over Facebook as well. While he surely is selling this gadget, Lange mentioned that it isn’t the payment or revenue that is bringing a smile on his face, rather his effort that has helped bring better security for the officials that dedicate their lives for the safety of the public.

Lange mentioned that there has always been a sense of danger for the law enforcers. Danger will always lurk around; however, this gadget will help add a layer of protection to evade the harsh effects of social menace. As per Lange, this communication device is available for sale both individually and in bulk. One can order the same by visiting the Facebook page created by Lange with the name “Sheepdog Life Line.”

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