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Loki’s Grandson Returns To Marvel, But is He a Hero or Villain?

Loki Grandson Featured

In the latest issue of Marvel Comics’ The Mighty Valkyries, Jane Foster is trying to protect Loki’s grandson, but should she protect the Norse wolf?

Warning! Spoilers ahead for The Mighty Valkyries #2

In the latest issue of Marvel Comics’ The Mighty Valkyries, the grandson of Loki has been introduced, though it’s unclear if he’s a hero or a villain. Calling himself More, the grandson of Loki is actually his grandchildren Hati and Skoll, also known as the Managarmr, being two souls within one body. Thus far in the new series, Jane Foster’s Valkyrie has had the pleasure of meeting him as he’s been set loose upon the world for the first time, being a wolf like his father Fenris. Being that as it may, Jane Foster may soon learn that there’s more to More than meets the eye.

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In the first issue of The Mighty Valkyries from writers Jason Aaron and Torunn Grønbekk with artists Mattia De Iulis and Erica D’Urso, Loki approached Jane Foster on Earth, alerting her that his Moon-Wolf grandson had been set loose from the depths of Hel. However, the seemingly vicious wolf transformed into a man before Jane, promising that it meant no harm. Now, The Mighty Valkyries #2 sees Jane learning about More and his origins, discovering that he might not actually be a monster requiring her to protect others from his wrath, but a victim in need of protection from others.

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Apparently, the Norse wolf known as More made a deal with Hela’s wife Karnilla, wishing to be freed from his chains for the first time in his life. Apparently, he had been imprisoned in Hel out of fear that his darkness would overcome the world and what he could potentially do, and Loki was the one to lock him up in the first place. As he reveals to Jane Foster, all More really wants is to experience true and genuine life, wishing to see the world that he had only been told and heard about.


According to More, he has just as much darkness as anyone else in the world, and he just wants to be given the chance to prove that he can keep it at bay just like most are given the chance to do. However, Loki locked him away since he was a child out of fear, never giving him that chance. Furthermore, it looks as though More is being hunted, as Hela hired Kraven to track More down and drag him back to Hel, leaving it to Jane Foster herself to protect and even perhaps offer the Moon-Wolf that chance he’s long been seeking.

In any case, More certainly seems like he’ll be an interesting character from Norse mythology who could certainly have a bigger impact on the Marvel Universe going forward. However, while he’s currently claiming that he just wants to live life and have freedom, there is a duality inside of Loki’s grandchildren. It’s possible that he could very well have lighter and darker personalities dueling within him as The Mighty Valkyries continues. Either way, hopefully, Jane Foster will be able to help him after she saves him from Kraven.

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