‘Lovecraft Country’ Almost Killed off One of the Main Characters

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Tic, Leti, and the remainder of the Lovecraft Nation gang work to try to defeat Christina. Nevertheless, their plans are foiled after we discover out that Ruby (Wunmi Mosaku), Leti’s sister, was really Christina in disguise. It was Christina disguised as Ruby, who gave Leti a vile of what we thought was Christina’s blood for the spell. We then be taught that Christina plans to make use of Tic’s blood to make herself immortal.

Leti and Christina find yourself in a combat that ends with Leti being pushed from a window. She seems to be lifeless after Christina eliminated the invulnerability spell that was beforehand defending her. So, how does she survive the autumn? Leti survives the autumn as a result of she was given her invulnerability as soon as once more by Christina.

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